Thursday, December 8, 2011

Dear Santa, I've been a very good girl this year

Earlier this week, Rebecca asked me to do a guest post, which I did. In case you don't read her blog (why don't you?!), this is what I sent her--


I was so excited when Rebecca asked me to do a guest post! Her blog is so much fun, and she's also a friend in real life! Lucky me!

Recently, my aunt asked for my Christmas list. I was a somewhat at a loss, because I never know what to ask for. I'm always seeing things that I want (ha!), but when the the time comes that someone needs to know, I feel the pressure and have no idea what to say! Does that sound totally bizarre and weird of me? Probably :)

Here are a few of the things I mentioned to them that I might not mind receiving this year-

I've been lusting over this cuff bracelet for months now. Found on etsy, it has a line from the Desiderata, a poem by Max Ehrmann. It is my favorite, I just love it. The poem is many decades old, but is so true and has so many good things to remember every day. I have a postcard at my desk at work with a few lines too, and would love to have this bracelet to remind me to keep priorities where they should be.

How gorgeous is this chair?! I just find it so bright and cheery, and would love to have it in my sewing room. It looks so cozy.

From Anthropologie, this is the Tea and Crumpets apron. I love to cook and bake, and my blog is called Tea and Crumpets. I need this, natch.

Again from Anthropologie, I am in love with this perfume. I love the pin cushion topper and the scent is so lovely, roses and others.

These boots! The bows! The bows! How can you not love the bows!? So sweet and darling.

Then Rebecca wanted to know the shoe of my dreams.

I love red shoes and wear them as often as I can, and when I saw these, I knew that I needed them immediately. I love the grey lining with matching buttons, and I love the double strap and the shiny, patent leather toe. I just love them all around! I might dance around my kitchen in my Tea and Crumpets apron while wearing them.

Oh yes, I think I would.

What did you ask Santa for this year?

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Katelin said...

i want that chair so so much, it's BEAUTIFUL!