Thursday, June 26, 2014

Thoughts for Thursday!

Hello! I really don't blog much these days, do I? Hmmm. I should get back into this, perhaps? Let's work on that! I thought I'd play along with Thoughts for Thursday, hosted by Natalie and Annie, so here goes! I'm always good with randomness....

Amelia will be FIVE months old next week! Everyone always talks about how the time flies, and while I thought it was a bit of a cliche, it's also true. I feel like she was just a tiny thing, and here I am packing away her 0-3 and three month clothing, as she's in either 3-6 or six month! Insane! I know! I also packed away my maternity clothes yesterday. Since I was mostly pregnant in fall and winter, most of my clothing is sweaters, and I am not wearing those in a 90* DC summer  :)

We took Amelia to the zoo on Father's Day and had so much fun! We got there later in the day, so it wasn't as hot anymore, which was nice. We're thinking of becoming members, as I think Amelia will like it a lot more as she gets older. Also, if you're a member, parking is free, otherwise, there is a $22 parking fee! Eeeek!

I made butter chicken last night for dinner, mostly following this recipe and it came out really well! Next time, I will add more spices...I didn't add enough this time, and didn't have the garam masala that the recipe called for. I love Indian food, and don't make it that often, but I really should. 

I also got a tagine cooking pot for Christmas and need to use that more! I'd been wanting one for a while. Also, a popover pan. I love random kitchen items! 

Amelia and I went to the library this afternoon and she's signed up for the summer reading program! She's excited to take part for the first time, and picked out several books to read. The library is just a few blocks from our house, which is fabulous, and I walked over in yoga capris and a tshirt, and no makeup and messy hair. Apparently I've become that mom...

Also, the new Arnold Palmer coolata from Dunkin Donuts is amazing. I'm obsessed. 

I'm meeting a friend for dinner tonight, which will be great. I admit, I probably don't leave Amelia as often as I should, but frankly, I don't want to!

My sister is coming to visit this weekend! Also, Amelia and I will be home in NH next month for several days. Woo! 

Okay! Those are today's thoughts...let's see if I can keep up with this blogging thing...

How about you? Any thoughts to share?