Thursday, April 30, 2009

gezuar ditelindjen Majlinda!

On May 29, Majlinda, one of my darling Albanian babies, will celebrate her sixth birthday. I just packaged up this sweet girl to send to her- 

Her name is Little Miss Gingham and she came to me from ginghamworld's etsy shop. I had bought two of them a few months back, thinking what lovely birthday presents they'd be for both Majlinda and Inaete, and now the time has come for one to journey to Albania! Inaete's birthday isn't until September, so the other will stay with me until then. 

She's so adorable, about 18" tall and so bright and colorful! I hope Majlinda loves her and has a really wonderful birthday! 

Gëzuar ditëlindjen Majlinda!

yay birthdays

Ohhhhh, happy birthday Mel!

recipe time

Has anyone tried albondigas soup? I just saw this recipe and it sounds SO good! I'm a big soup fan, even in the summer and definitly don't make it as often as I should!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

food, schmood

Okay, discussion question of the day.

For your wedding, either eventual or actual, would you/did you have a buffet dinner or a sit-down dinner with two or three plated choices?

I've been to weddings with both and they all had their advantages and disadvantages. I know a lot of people find buffets to be tacky for various weddings, but I've been to a few where there was a buffet and it was amazing. To be honest, the one wedding that Steve compares all other weddings to, was a buffet! It was GOOD. Okay, it helps that her father is a chef... :)

I don't know what I will do for my eventual wedding, I suppose it would depend on many factors. Since I am not engaged, I don't think I need to worry about it for now!

So, what did/will you have? Was it an easy decision? Why did you go with that? If you are already married, were you pleased with it, or do you wish you did something else? If you had a plated meal, what were your options for your guests? If not, what was on the buffet?

PS. edit- what about a carving station? how do you feel about those, perhaps along with the buffet? does that make a buffet "nicer" in your opinion?

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Oh my! Look at her! Her name is Crumpet! Right, she looks more beagle than corgi, but her name is Crumpet, like my blog! Maybe it's a sign?

Monday, April 27, 2009

fabric fun!

Okay, so I have this new bad habit of ordering fabrics from etsy. There are some really adorable fabrics out there! I'm currently loving Amy Butler. She has some fun, bright designs. 

Here are a few pics of the pieces I have, though they aren't great shots. 

At the booksale over the weekend, I picked up a few quilting books and I also borrowed a few from the library. They have some ideas and patterns. Maybe a tote bag? More potholders? I do want to do quilts too. I have a friend having a baby in September, so maybe by then, I will be good enough to make her a baby quilt- I know she'd love it!

What would you make?

good day sunshine

I woke up this morning and it was hot. Hot. Really hot. It was 90* all weekend! Yes, it is a nice break from the cold, but I'm not sure if I am ready for this heat just yet! I am so much more a cold weather girl. What about you? Do you prefer heat or cold?

Big news! Friday night, I had a sushi date with Magda and I tried TWO new sushi rolls! We went to Mate in Georgetown and I decided to try a volcano roll on my own. Then M coerced me into trying a spicy tuna roll as well. Seriously, that girl is manipulative ;) I'm a bit of a baby when it comes to sushi. I like the veggie rolls; ie, avocado, asparagus, cucumber, etc. I will also eat ones with crab and sometimes salmon, but not always. I once got something with smoked salmon in it, and disliked it so much that I used my chopstick to poke out the salmon and just ate the cream cheese and avocado! I refuse to eat eel and it is unlikely that I'll eat much raw stuff in the near future. Sashimi? Highly unlikely ever! However, I did try the spicy tuna, and I liked it! Magda was so proud of me that she wasn't upset when I didn't like the hot sake we ordered :)

I'm way behind with my correspondence. My best friend's wedding anniversary was yesterday and my aunt's birthday is today. Both cards will be dropped in the mailbox today. I have several other cards to buy and send. Majlinda, one of my Albanian girls, has a birthday at the end of May, so I need to get her present in the mail. I found the most adorable doll on etsy. I bought two of them, one for each girl, for their birthdays. Obviously it will take a few weeks to get to Albania, so I need to mail it this week!
Speaking of Albania, it seems they are making a formal application to join the European Union tomorrow. This is following the news that Iceland is apparently closer to joining as well. Sigh. When I was in Poland, my Master's thesis was written on Norway and Iceland and their reasons for remaining outside of the EU, and the implications of eastern enlargement of the EU to them (this was written in 2003, before the big ten enlargement of Poland and the others). My first Master's is in European Studies, and I spent my time in Krakow studying the EU and enlargement of the EU. Despite that, I'm a bit of a Euro-skeptic. Iceland, yes, they are having a few issues, but they'll be fine!
Dear Norway,
Please don't ever join the EU. Don't let them suck you in, you know you are better off without them.
Love, Lexilooo

Oh yes, and on Saturday we went to the book sale at the Arlington library that I mentioned on Friday! I spent about $35 and came home with 20 books, including a few quilting books with patterns of things I can eventually make. I found a gorgeous book called "Coastal New England" that is all photographs. I also found a few childrens books (I collect them) that looked great, including a gorgeous hardcover copy of Eleanor, by Barbara Cooney. Do you know her work? She's an amazing artist- she did Miss Rumphius, which is one of my all-time favorites.

We went to WARL (Washington Animal Rescue League) yesterday where I fell in love with a beagle called Oscar. He's adorable. I need him.

The Red Sox swept the Yankees this weekend! This included a steal of home by Jacoby Ellsbury!

I took the link to my blog off of my twitter profile. More of my "real life" friends are joining twitter, including a co-worker and right now, I'd prefer to keep the blog low profile. Some people know about it, which is fine, but I'd rather be the one to tell them, then them finding it on their own.
I was so sad to hear that Bea Arthur has passed away. Thank you for being a friend...

Oh and huge congrats to Katelin, who got engaged over the weekend, on her birthday! Happy birthday and congratulations to you and Matt!

Friday, April 24, 2009

buy a book, support your library

If you are in DC, check out the spring book sale at the Arlington Library this weekend! Really, it's amazing. They have THOUSANDS of books for sale, all organized by subject (of course!) for just a few dollars. I've seen loads of books for just one or two dollars each, hardcovers as well as paperbacks and I don't think I've ever seen one priced higher then $6.

The sale is held twice a year; fall and spring and I've gone for the last several, missing only fall 2007, as I was in London. On average, I spend about $55 and come away with a good 30 books! Love it. It's at the central library in Arlington, at 1015 No. Quincy St.

Friends' Book Sales: Arlington's longest running recycling program
The spring version of Arlington ReReads BOOK SALE is set to run April 23-26 2009. Thursday is member's only, 5:30-9 pm. Friday and Saturday the sale is open to all from 10 am - 6 pm. Sunday noon - 6 pm all items are half price. Mark your calendars!
The Friends hold two mammoth book sales annually on the top level of the parking garage of the Central Library. Friends Book Corners or Stores are continuous in all libraries. Used materials are sold during library open hours.

More info can be found here

See you tomorrow :)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

puppy love

I know that I talk about corgis and how much I want one a lot (is it excessive?)

I think that this summer I will really begin to look. My classes will be over (though I still have two more to take this fall, but that is another post for another day). So, I won't be home as late and would have more time with my puppy.

Oh, and when I say puppy, I don't mean puppy puppy. I pretty much say puppy to mean a dog of any age. When I look into getting one, it won't be an actual puppy, I'd prefer one a little older, who is hopefully already house trained!

So, any of you in/around Mississippi who want to swing by Starkville and pick up Janey for me?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

le sigh

Lizzie posted this ad yesterday. I think it is quite original and maybe slightly shocking (at first glance, it totally looks as though she's flipping you off, which is probably the point)

Like Lizzie said, I can totally relate.

(I may have said to Steve tonight that if he proposes by June, I could totally pull off a December 2009 wedding...we'll see if he comes through....)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

suit up!

Bullets of randomness, because I can

  • I really want to dislike the song "With You" by Chris Brown, on principle, because I don't like him or what he did to Rihanna, but I can't dislike it, I think it is a good song. Does this make me a horrible person? Do things like this happen to you?
  • I bought a magnolia tree this weekend! We went to Mount Vernon's annual garden days sale and I found it! It's adorable, in a little pot and has a little bud! I'll have to post a picture!
  • I'm about halfway through season two of How I Met Your Mother and I don't know how I lived so long without it in my life. Seriously, I am in love with this show
  • over the weekend, I made a few trivets and coasters from wine corks. they are so cool. I'll post pictures of those too
  • I think I might do another contest/giveaway. I find them fun for some reason
  • one of my classes ends tomorrow and the other ends next week. I am so happy to have the summer off, though I'd rather just be done with the entire masters...remind me not to get another one!
  • I still have a flowering pointsettia plant on my desk. I got it from a co-worker in December and it still looks really good. want a picture of that too? :)
  • I had three letters from my Albanian babies last week. I'll have to do a post about them, because I received new pictures, which I love. They melt my heart!
  • I'm sure you've heard the news story about the Nazi criminal in Ohio that was granted a stay? It really infuriates me...especially the comment by his granddaughter, when she said something about how she wouldn't want to see anyone treated as badly as her grandfather was. I'm sorry, but what he did to thousands of Jews at Sobibor? Yeah, that was a million times worse. I haven't been to Sobibor, but I've spoken to a survivor of the escape, and I've also been to Auschwitz about a dozen or so times. Don't even think that what your grandfather did was okay.
  • I had a black cardigan from H&M that was so perfect, but I somehow lost it. It was just gone, with no explanation. Equally puzzling, it reappeared as mysteriously as it was gone, though now? It's too small. I have no idea what happened, but I ordered a new one from Old Navy for $10
  • this weekend is the used book sale at the Arlington Public Library. I'm sure I will post about this before the week ends, but plan to go, it is so worth it!
  • last week, I got an email saying that four of my twitters had stopped following me (they qwittered my twitter! hahaha). I was then amused to see, two days later, that one began following me again

your mom is hot

Okay, I've recently begun to watch How I Met Your Mother and I am in love. I don't know why I didn't start watching it when it began a few years ago. Actually, I remember hearing about it and made a mental note to watch it, but somehow, never did. Even last year with Britney Spears was a guest star, I recorded that episode, but then deleted it without watching it, since I knew I'd be confused as to who everyone was and what they were doing.

I recently added seasons 1-3 to my netflix queue and am about halfway through season two. Last night I saw the episode where Ted and Robin disagree about getting rid of things from exes. I will admit that I saw a spoiler for this season finale, but I wasn't too upset, because I still have no idea what happens between now and then (with a whole season three in between!).

My question is this- do we ever find out who the mother is? I have no idea if it will or will not end up being Robin or someone else. I guess what I mean is, when the producers began with this, is there a certain end-date in mind, ie, it will run for five seasons? Something like that?

Any insight?

PS. Don't write spoilers, I don't want to know! Unlike shows like The Hills and Gossip Girl, where I am constantly reading the spoilers, with HIMYM, I don't want to find out!

PPS. If you don't watch this show, you should! I resisted for far too long, and now it's love.

PPPS. Edit, as of 3:05 and after comments from Megan and Mel- I know that the grownup Ted always says Aunt Robin, leading us to believe that she isn't their mother, but maybe that's just a ploy? :)

on why I hate the metro, reasons no. 673,027

Ughh, metro, you really make me crazy. I have only a two-stop ride from home to work (this excludes the roughly 10-15 walk to the metro to begin with, but that is beside the point right now). So really, it only takes a few minutes. This morning, like many others in the upcoming "touristy" months, I wanted to stab my eyes out with a fork.

As the doors close, this does not mean that you should heave yourself onto the train. The doors are NOT elevator doors; they will NOT spring back open. You will simply be stuck, you in the train and your ridiculously large and unnessecary backback on the outside, looking like a jackass, with all of the people already on the train looking at you like the pathetic thing that you are. There will be another train in two minutes. Wait for it. Don't make me late for work because you are rushing off to the Smithsonian, which isn't even open yet anyway.

Secondly, don't block the freaking doors! It's common courtesy to move away from the doors and find a seat. Yes, when I am only metroing two stops, I rarely sit, unless it is right by the door and the train isn't full, which is rare ar rush hour. So I stand near the door without blocking it. What a concept, eh? This morning, I tried to get off the train but was blocked by two huge linebackers for the Redskins. Seriously, both men were at least six feet tall and a good 250lbs. Me? Not close. They both kept looking down at their newspapers while I repeated "excuse me" about nine times. Neither was wearing an ipod, they could hear me. There is no excuse for that! Come on now! Finally, I just barrelled through. Ughhhh.

Booooo metro.

Friday, April 17, 2009

red, red wine, you make me feel so fine

Hooray! I just bought tickets for the Mount Vernon Spring Wine Festival! It is the middle of May this year, and we'll be going Sunday night! As we know, I am a big fan of both wine and Mount Vernon. Put them together? Bliss! Mount Vernon does this wine festival twice a year; in the fall and in the spring. We've gone to the last few and it's really just so lovely. The wineries are all local Virginia vineyards and new ones each time, in order to be sure that they all get equal representation and it isn't "elitist." I was so excited to find out that Hortons will be there, which is a winery down near Charlottesville that has about 30 different wines maybe, but around ten fruit wines, including a cranberry wine that is so nice.

The festival though, is so much fun. There is a big tent where the wineries set up, the estate is still open and there is a jazz band playing. People set up blankets and sit on the lawn of the Potomac and drink wine while the sun sets. Oh, and there is the option to buy a cheesebox to go along with your wine. Yes, cheese, crackers, grapes, pepperoni and all sorts of goodies. Love. It's just such a nice evening. Want to see a few pics from the ones we've been to? Of course you do!

These are obviously from two different events, as my hair is straight in one and curly in the other! This year I will have to remember to try to take some pictures of the house too!
If you are in the DC area, get tickets! The lovely Heidi (and Adam, of course!) will be there with us and if you come Sunday night, you can sit on our blanket :)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

doggone it

So unless you live under a rock, you must have heard the monstrous deal that has been made about the Portuguese water dog that the Obama family got. It seems that instead of finding one at a shelter, as he said they would, good old Senator Kennedy gave them one. How kind of him.

So much for supporting the local shelters, because if they had looked, they could have found him.

Booooo Mr. Obama.


Right, I know you all love contests, right? Well, the lovely Heidi is having one! It's for a good cause too; to support the DC Junior League, which is a great organization of great ladies who do great things. That's just great, right? :)

If you aren't familiar with the Junior League, have a look at their website. One of their big causes is promoting literacy in DC, and I'm sure you all know how much I love literacy development! I had actually thought about joining the JL a few years back and went to one of their info sessions. I can't remember why I didn't, but maybe I should consider it again?

Anyway, their current "event" is the Downtown Shoparound, for shopping in Georgetown-

Downtown ShopAround
The Junior League of Washington is pleased to partner with area retailers to offer you the opportunity to both give and receive this spring during the Downtown ShopAround April 25 through May 3. Receive 20% off at J. McLaughlin, Sherman Pickey, Sugar, Urban Chic, Vineyard Vines, Tickled Pink, Red Door Spas, and many more! Click
here to Purchase your Downtown Shop Around card for $30. 100% of the proceeds support the Junior League of Washington’s community programs. Click here for a full list of participating stores.

Sounds like a good deal, eh? Well mosey on over to Heidi's blog and see her contest! If you don't live in DC and win, that just means you need to plan a weekend trip. If that happens, Heidi and I will take you out for a drink :)

When you win, you can thank me with a corgi :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

gift idea?

Whoa, three posts from me today...aren't you lucky? :)

So, two of my friends had their civil union today. They live in the UK (they're English). What should I send them as a gift? I don't think registries are terribly common in the UK (correct me if I'm wrong!) and they've been living together for years. They leave Friday for Morrocco for ten days for their honeymoon. When Steve and I went to the UK last October (2007), we stayed with them for a few days.

Any ideas?

humor me, will you?

Right, so if I ever become a university professor (this is unlikely, by the way), would you please do me a favor?

Remind me never, ever, ever to assign a 60 page group paper to my students. I think it constitutes as cruel and unusual punishment.

I have no problem writing such a paper on my own. In fact, I've done just that (hello, thesis! I love you!), but really? With three other people? Not so fun, in the least.

is modesty out the window?

The other morning, while eating a bowl of fresh blackberries, I checked facebook. While scrolling through updates, I saw a picture that, at first glance, I couldn't quite tell what it was. So, I clicked on it so it would enlarge. When it did, I nearly spilled my bowl of blackberries. It was a photo of three positive pregnancy tests.

A friend's husband announced her pregnancy by posting a photo of the used and peed-on sticks on facebook.

I sat there in shock for a few minutes. I don't consider myself a prude, but really? Was this necessary? I know that people are constantly posting their ultrasounds on facebook and whatnot, and honestly? That bothers me too. I don't want to see your insides! My best friend didn't even send me her ultrasound when she was pregnant; I don't want to see ultrasounds for a girl I haven't seen since 7th grade or the wife of a college friend who I have met once.

I just feel that some things are better to be kept private. There are limits people, limits! When did we become a society where anything goes and everything is acceptable? When I am having babies, I will not announce it via facebook, I will not post ultrasound pictures and frankly, I may not even post weekly belly shots (at least bare belly!). Sure, baby bellies are cute, I don't mind that, but that doesn't mean that everyone else in the world wants to see my expanding waistline!

Perhaps I'll feel differently when I am having babies. Call me old fashioned if you wish, but I just think some things should stay close to the family. Oh and I also don't want to find out the sex of my babies before I have them, but that is a totally separate story.

I'd also like to add that I am so thrilled for my friend and her husband, as I am always thrilled when friends are expecting babies, so please don't think that I am saying otherwise in this instance. I hope this isn't sounding offensive to anyone, because that certainly isn't my intention in the least.

Am I taking this too seriously? Am I being ridiculous? Your thoughts on the matter?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

le sigh

Sad news. I didn't bring my mother's old sewing machine back to DC with me :(

I was planning to, and my mother pulled it from its hiding spot in the closet of my old room. We dusted it off and stitched a few pieces, to be sure that it is still working properly, and it is. Unfortunately, it was a bit larger then she remembered. I was convinced that I could fit it under the seat in front of me and use it has a carryon, but yeah, that wasn't happening. Then we thought maybe I could just check it, but my father advised us against that, as baggage handlers may not be so gentle.

I guess this means I need to drive home one of these days and bring it back with me, along with a bookshelf and several crates full of books that are still at home (yes, I have even more books, still at home...these include most of my childhood books!).

So, no potholders anytime soon :(

**** EDIT!!!

I've discovered a place nearby where you can rent sewing machines! I can go there and rent them by the hour! I can also buy adorable fabrics there :) So, all is not lost!

Friday, April 10, 2009

potholders r us

Etsy has some really adorable fabrics, I've discovered. I just bought a few fat quarters and I can't wait for them to arrive! I am going home this weekend and plan to bring back my mother's old sewing machine with me, so I can make more potholders! Yay! I also want to try making a baby quilt. I've seen some really adorable ones that look somewhat easy (ha!) and I have a friend who is expecting a baby this fall (as far as I know, they don't know if it is a boy or girl yet), so maybe I will make her a quilt. I am excited.

Meanwhile, who wants a potholder? :)

oh happy morning?

So remember this post, not too long ago at all, about the armed robbery on my block? Well, just now, I received the following text alert from DC Police Alerts...


SHOOTING//847 HOURS//____ block of ______Ave NE//LOF B/M/WEARING GRY & BLK JACKET//DARK PANTS//L/S GOING U ___ ST NE//ALSO WEARING SKULL CAP ARMED WITH A HAND GUN//SUSP ALSO HAD BLK SKI MASK DO NOT TAKE ACTION CALL 911 W/EVENT #Sent by DC Police Alert to e-mail, pagers, cell phones....powered by Cooper Notification RSAN

This was three blocks from my apartment.

Maybe I should seriously consider moving? Those of you in DC, what neighborhood are you in? Do you love it? Can I be your neighbor?

Thursday, April 9, 2009


I just saw this somewhere and was amused. Surprised by any?

Little Known Facts…

1.Rubber bands last longer when refrigerated.

2. Peanuts are one of the ingredients of dynamite.

3.The national anthem of Greece has 158 verses. No one in Greece has memorized all 158 verses.

4. There are 293 ways to make change for a dollar.

5.The average person's left hand does 56% of the typing.

6. There are more chickens than people in the world.

7.Two-thirds of the world's eggplant is grown in New Jersey.

8.The longest one-syllable word in the English language is "screeched."

9.On a Canadian two dollar bill, the flag flying over the Parliament Building is an American flag.

10.All of the clocks in the movie "Pulp Fiction" are stuck on 4:20.

11.No word in the English language rhymes with month, orange, silver or purple.

12."Dreamt" is the only English word that ends in the letters "mt."

13. All 50 states are listed across the top of the Lincoln Memorial on the back of the $5 bill.

Monday, April 6, 2009

I'm a winner!!!!

I'm so excited and I am just now posting about it!

So I know that many of you read Jamie's blog (if you don't you should!). She has the most adorable corgi named Edie who I may steal if I am ever in Chicago (just kidding!) and is just a super fun blogger. She loves etsy and dedicates part of her blog to highlighting people's shops. She asks them questions, they answer. I will admit that many of my etsy purchases have come from something she's recommended, like the stemless wine glasses made from recycled bottles. Love them. So does Steve!

When she highlights an etsy shop, she often does a giveaway and guess what? I WON!!! YAY! I never win things, so I was quite pleased about this! The hightlighted shop was Eliza and Axel. I had an email saying I was the winner, and look what I won---

FLORA TEE - black, white or naked

It's the FLORA shirt, and isn't it adorable?! I love it and can't wait for it to arrive! So springy and fun  :)  To be honest, I can't remember which color I chose...but it comes in black, white and naked. Here is the link for the info, if you are interested-

When it arrives, I will post another picture!

So thank you to Jamie, I can't wait to get this shirt in the mail! 

Maybe I should do a giveaway, since I just won?

thought of the morning

Are you an anonymous blogger? Why or why not? Do people from your "real life" know about your blog? If not, what do you do when your "real life" friends find out about your blog? Do you worry about that happening?


Thursday, April 2, 2009


So Monday night, we are having two of Steve's coworkers over for dinner. They are both very cool, I've met them many times and hung out with them. One of them, actually, has a band and just finished a European tour! He's so good, we've gone to many of their concerts.

Now I am trying to decide what to make for dinner! I know I have zillions of cookbooks, as you've seen, but I thought I'd ask if you had any favorite recipes you might suggest.

Ready, set, go!

dance of joy!

One of my favorite organizations, Room to Read, FINALLY has a DC chapter up and running! Maybe now I can go to some of the fabulous events they have!!!

Don't know Room to Read? Briefly....

We partner with local communities throughout the developing world to provide quality educational opportunities by establishing libraries, creating local language children's literature, constructing schools, and providing education to girls. We seek to intervene early in the lives of children in the belief that education empowers people to improve socioeconomic conditions for their families, communities, countries and future generations. Through the opportunities that only education can provide, we strive to break the cycle of poverty, one child at a time.

What's not to love about that?

Who wants to volunteer with me???

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Boston, you know we love you madly

So as you may (or may not) know, I am a Red Sox fan. As you may also know, if you are a fan, the Sox will be in DC in June for a three game series against the Nats. This is exciting, since it's inter-league play. Plus, the Red Sox are awesome :)

So anyway, about a month or so ago, I was reading about how to get tickets for this series. In order to do so, you had to put your name into a raffle. Rather then just buying tickets from the site as you would for any other game, you had to enter your email and then you'd get an email a few weeks later letting you know if you were or were not selected to buy tickets, should you wish to. Of course, I entered my email. I also asked Steve, my parents, my sister and a few friends to do the same thing.

Last night, I got an email saying I wasn't selected to purchase tickets. I was sad, but got over it quickly, because the Nats are offering another sort of package where you can buy tickets for nine games and the Sox were in one of those packages. However, my sister called me last night to tell me that she got an email saying that she was selected to buy tickets! Steve also got that email! So, boyfriend and sister can buy for tickets for each of the three games. That would be 24 tickets. This morning, I got to work and had an email from my father and one of my best friends saying that they were also selected to purchase tickets! So me, the one who really wants the tickets, wasn't selected, but four others that didn't care as much could! Granted, my sister, father and Heather are all big fans, but my parents are in NH, my sister is in Boston and Heather is in CT and these are mid week games (Tuesday-Thursday), so unfortunately, it is unlikely that they can come down.

All in all, I have the opportunity for 48 tickets for the Red Sox in June! I am really hoping that my boyfriend Joshie Beckett is pitching!

Any Sox fans out there?