Friday, April 10, 2009

oh happy morning?

So remember this post, not too long ago at all, about the armed robbery on my block? Well, just now, I received the following text alert from DC Police Alerts...


SHOOTING//847 HOURS//____ block of ______Ave NE//LOF B/M/WEARING GRY & BLK JACKET//DARK PANTS//L/S GOING U ___ ST NE//ALSO WEARING SKULL CAP ARMED WITH A HAND GUN//SUSP ALSO HAD BLK SKI MASK DO NOT TAKE ACTION CALL 911 W/EVENT #Sent by DC Police Alert to e-mail, pagers, cell phones....powered by Cooper Notification RSAN

This was three blocks from my apartment.

Maybe I should seriously consider moving? Those of you in DC, what neighborhood are you in? Do you love it? Can I be your neighbor?


LiLu said...

I'm in Shaw just west of the Convention Center, and while it's at times... colorful, I've never felt unsafe. Honestly, I felt a lot more sketched out when I lived up in Colombia Heights. And a 10 minute walk to Chinatown = Le Awesome.

Anonymous said...

that's a tough call... i used to live in a beautiful neighborhood that was 1 block off of the scary neighborhood. there were muggings and break-ins and everything... one little kid even got held up at gunpoint for his halloween candy. but i always felt fairly safe on my street... it was well lit and heavily traveled, a pretty safe street overall.
so it really depends on your neighborhood. if the violence is that close but stays 3 blocks away, that's cool. if not, then yah, it might be time to think about a safer place to live.

is your man's place safer : )

La Petite Chic said...

Oh my gosh, that's scary. We live in Tysons Corner and just yesterday received a note from our condo office that there have been 20 car thefts/vandalism/other car related crimes in the last month in a community one block over from ours. So frightening!

LJ said...

So scary!! I remember that happened to me when I was living on the Hill. Don't know if you remember when the guy robbed the house, they offered him a glass of wine, he asked for a group hug, and ended up leaving? Yeah. Block from my house.

If you were already contemplating a move, mayhaps it's time!

magda said...

Old Town's soooo where it's at. But of course, you knew I'd say that.

There are trade-offs to living in the city, I guess; there are definitely days where I envy your proximity to everything. No budgeting an hour for travel? No hoping metro will be on time, and preparing to be either wildly early or totally late? What?

I think you just have to balance your low rent and the other advantages with the perceived dangers; sad thing is, bad things happen everywhere anymore. You've just got to find the happiest balance. That said, though, I'd still support a Virginia exodus of the lexiloo :)