Monday, April 6, 2009

thought of the morning

Are you an anonymous blogger? Why or why not? Do people from your "real life" know about your blog? If not, what do you do when your "real life" friends find out about your blog? Do you worry about that happening?



La Petite Belle said...

I'm not an anonymous blogger, and some of my friends & family know about my blog, but not everyone does. Sometimes I wish I hadn't told anyone.. I would feel a bit more free about writing.

Anonymous said...

I'm not anonymous but not many of my friends/family know I blog or know about my blog. My hubby knows and my mom knows but beyond that, I don't think anyone else knows.

Personally, I try not to be too open on my blog. I've had an experience a long long time ago of being very personal and it came back to haunt me so I've learned where to draw the line.

Anonymous said...

i'm anonymous (for the most part)
my blog is not something i publicize among people i know. M knows of it, and knows how active i am with it, but he doesn't care to read it. i have one of ther friend that knows of it, and reads it when she gets a chance... not very often.
sometimes i'm tempted to tell my friends and family about it, but i know opening it up would change everything about my blog. i wouldn't be able to be as honest as i am, i wouldn't be able to be as open, and i would definitely have to delete alot of old posts.
i like being anonymous because i don't often worry about what i'm writing, i just write what i feel/think.

the thought has crossed my mind to create a sister blog that's for the people i know, and maybe just double post things that i would feel okay about them reading. i dunno, if i never started as anonymous i probably wouldn't struggle with it. but as it stands right now, i definitely prefer it.

Ohmygoshi said...

I am very not anonymous, and to be honest, it gets annoying. Sure, I don't have to be all secretive around my friends about my blog, but at the same time, I get self-conscious about posting because I KNOW my friends read. One wrong word or misconstrued sentence can mean a lot of drama. My thoughts have to be carefully crafted so as to not offend anyone.

Beauty of Argument said...

Heh, well we know what kind of blogger I am now. Really, it got to the point where... I don't know. I just didn't like everyone knowing everything anymore. I didn't like my whole life being searchable via Google. I mean the receptionist where I work now knew who I was before I even showed up to interview.

I guess I have spent many years not thinking about the consequences that I'm being a bit heavy handed now by going anonymous. Then again, I do like knowing that content about myself is much more controlled now than it was before.

It's a matter of preference, and really what you write about. Is blogging a personal outlet or just a way to connect?

wafelenbak said...

My friends and boyfriend know about it, but I do not put my full real name anywhere on my blog. A few things that have prompted this:
*Finding an IP address from a competitor company was stopping by.
*Irritating an ex boyfriend from over 10 years ago which prompted him to send me a grouchy letter.
*Having a random reader show up at my house.

Melanie said...

Hi, I just stopped in to say hi and thanks for commenting on my blog.

No, I'm not anonymous. It is a bit awkward sometimes when people have known me for a while and then find out that I have a blog. It's just not something I bring up in everyday conversation: "Hey, I write a blog, you should read it; it's fascinating, really."

Sommelier0124 said...

Lexi you know my answer. I am an anoymous blogger. Friends and family have the ability to go to my blog but unless I truly trust a person all my sensitive info/rants are locked to a select group of people.

The reason I do this is simple- when I rant I do it just like I would in real life; to a select few who I would love feedback from. Blogging it is often times faster as friends are spread out now- even across continents! The rants aren't for everyone.

On a seperate note I do have a few blog rules.
1. NEVER use the name of your employer in a post - it can only come back to bite you in the butt.
2. Friends names are to be kept generic
3. NEVER give away too much info on your neighborhood... no need to encourage stalkers!

Playful Professional said...

I like to write both for other bloggers and family and friends. It's a good way for me to keep in touch when a multitude of people.

Katie said...

I'm not anonymous, but I'm also not completely out. Just trying to find the right balance between saying too much and not saying enough. :)