Friday, April 24, 2009

buy a book, support your library

If you are in DC, check out the spring book sale at the Arlington Library this weekend! Really, it's amazing. They have THOUSANDS of books for sale, all organized by subject (of course!) for just a few dollars. I've seen loads of books for just one or two dollars each, hardcovers as well as paperbacks and I don't think I've ever seen one priced higher then $6.

The sale is held twice a year; fall and spring and I've gone for the last several, missing only fall 2007, as I was in London. On average, I spend about $55 and come away with a good 30 books! Love it. It's at the central library in Arlington, at 1015 No. Quincy St.

Friends' Book Sales: Arlington's longest running recycling program
The spring version of Arlington ReReads BOOK SALE is set to run April 23-26 2009. Thursday is member's only, 5:30-9 pm. Friday and Saturday the sale is open to all from 10 am - 6 pm. Sunday noon - 6 pm all items are half price. Mark your calendars!
The Friends hold two mammoth book sales annually on the top level of the parking garage of the Central Library. Friends Book Corners or Stores are continuous in all libraries. Used materials are sold during library open hours.

More info can be found here

See you tomorrow :)


anOCgirl said...

i am so going to be there! possibly with gracie as i'll be coming straight from the vet's office.

The Northerner said...

Hmmm maybe I will stop by!