Thursday, April 16, 2009

doggone it

So unless you live under a rock, you must have heard the monstrous deal that has been made about the Portuguese water dog that the Obama family got. It seems that instead of finding one at a shelter, as he said they would, good old Senator Kennedy gave them one. How kind of him.

So much for supporting the local shelters, because if they had looked, they could have found him.

Booooo Mr. Obama.


anOCgirl said...

i don't know much about pet allergies but the dog you linked to isn't a purebred. doesn't that make the dog more likely to induce allergies in someone who is allergic (in this case Malia)?

also, because they did go with a non-shelter dog, obama donated to the washington humane society, so yes, he is supporting local shelters.

i'm more upset they didn't adopt a cat! they have hypoallergenic kitties now, you know.

LindzML said...

Aww, the good thing is that people will start adopting these dogs in record numbers. My bet is that many of them will go to shelters, so Pepper may still get a home.

Thomas said...

As a cat person, I am totally put off by this whole thing.

Zipcode said...

I totally agree with this post and they could have gotten a poodle from a shelter. There are a few dogs out there that are good for people with allergies.

I give this post 5 stars. Shelter dogs and kitties are the best.