Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I'm pretty sure this is field hockey weather

This weekend reminded me of why I like fall so much. Cool, crisp and perfect, aside from the partial rain on Saturday. Depsite the forecast, Steve and I were out and about on Saturday with a few things in mind. First we stopped at the Arlington Library for their semi-annual used book sale. They do it in the fall and spring and I mark the day on my calendar because I love it so much. The books are mostly used, though I've scored new books before, including this weekend, finding a new hardcover of Sophie Kinsella's Remember Me for $4. Awesome. I spent $24 this weekend and came back with 14 books, four of those being brand-new coloring books marked .50 each to send to my Albanian babes.

Then we left and went out to Cox Farm for pumpkins. Unfortunately, it was pouring then, so we quickly got pumpkins and left. We went last year too, and went on a hay ride and played with baby goats.

On Sunday, Magda and I went to two wineries where we tasted several lovely blends. It was simply gorgeous- really, the weather couldn't have been better and the company was grand! At the first place, we bought a bottle and sat outside with it and enjoyed the sun, music and conversation. The second was decorated a bit for Halloween with spooky goblets on their mantle. I bought two bottles at each, I believe M bought one or two as well.

Today I began the new job, finally! I was off all last week, waiting on paperwork and whatnot, and it was all ready today. It went well, I think I'll be happy there. Unfortunately, I found out that my office is in fact open the day after Thanksgiving. Booooo. My boss did say that if I had plans to go home, it was okay, but honestly, I hadn't made any plans yet, because I thought I'd better wait. It was a good thing I did, because Dec 1-2, the Monday and Tuesday after the holiday, we have a big board meeting. She said I can take off an extended break at Christmas though, so I guess it makes up for it. Still, I'm disappointed, but I guess there isn't much I can do about it.

Here are a few pictures from the weekend---

This was a real pumpkin, made to look like a cheeseburger! So cool.

The wine, so delish.

Enjoying my wine, and some spinach artichoke dip!

He sang. He was good.

I think I want a winery of my own.

Still enjoying, maybe a bit too much by this point!

Inside La Grange


How was your weekend?

Friday, October 24, 2008


So the lovely Lizzie recently posted the seven random things meme. She said that anyone who wants to do can, so I thought I would. I always like to entertain myself with such things, and why would you not want to learn crazy things about me?

  1. I once dated a guy who speaks no English. Seriously, not just a little bit of English, but none. It was while I was in Poland and he was the cousin of one of my friends there. My Polish was, um, okay. I was far from fluent, but I have to say, it got much better during the short time we were together. I will admit, that breaking up with him was insanely difficult, but that's another post for another day.
  2. I talk to myself in foreign languages, but mainly in the grocery store. Again, I am far from fluent in either Polish or Spanish, but find myself thinking gdzie jest mleko or donde esta la leche instead of where is the milk? Is this a good thing, or does it mean I am going crazy?
  3. Before I moved to DC four years ago, I had never been here, not even to visit. I moved to a city I had never stepped foot in, into a house I didn't see before moving in. At the time, I was in Canada running an election, and didn't have the luxury of being here to look at apartments, so I had to base my decisions on phone calls and photos. I got lucky, and moved into a great house with great people, including Steve.
  4. Yes, Steve, my boyfriend, was my roommate first. Le scandal! He lived in the basement apartment and I lived upstairs. He seduced me one day and the rest, as the say, is history.
  5. I hate tomatoes. I will, however, eat ketchup, tomato sauce, bruschetta, tomato soup, salsa and pretty much anything that contains tomato...but the actual fruit gives me the heebee jeebees. If it is a large chunk, or slice, like in a salad, I can't handle it. Small, cut up, in something? No problem! Yes, I am aware that I am ridiculous!
  6. I love writing letters and getting mail. While email is truly a wonderful thing (thanks Al Gore! hehe) I appreciate people taking the time to sit down and write down their thoughts to share. I have several friends all over that I write to, and I very often send random cards to friends for no reason other then to let them know that I am thinking of them. Coming home and finding a hand-written letter in my mailbox really can make my day. I really should buy stock in Hallmark.
  7. I consider it rude to use call-waiting. This drives Steve apples and bananas. If I am on the phone with someone, and my phone beeps, I look to see who it is, but 97% of the time, I ignore the beep, unless I am waiting for a call. If it is important, they will leave a message and I'll call back. If that person calls again right away, I assume it could be important, so I switch.
  8. BONUS!!! I don't understand sarcasm. At all. I never get jokes. Ever. I'm also gullible. Bad combination. Maybe someday I will tell the Christ with a K story.......

Thursday, October 23, 2008

hello lover

I think I need this coat....

How adorable would I be in that, in red? :)

cool, crisp and all of that

I know, I know. I shouldn't complain about having a week off randomly...it's nice, except my bank account is the one that will suffer. So, I will try not to think about that, and instead focus on the zillion things I have to do.

First, question- I am still a bit of a newbie with blogger. One of my profs has several blogs that he contributes to, and he has asked me, along with a few other students, to contribute to them as well. His blogs are also on blogger. I was sent an invitation to contribute to his, but if I login with my email address, won't it link it to my own blog? Meaning, if you look at my profile, you'd see my blog and that blog, as blogs I contribute to? Is there a way to prevent this linkage? I realize that I could just use a different email address, but I don't want to, bc the email I use for my blog is the same one that I use for things like that. Does this make sense?

Next, one more question- if you were serving bbq pulled pork for dinner, what would you serve with it? I know some of you are southern belles, and my New England roots fail me at this! I went into Trader Joes today and thought Steve might like that for dinner, so I grabbed it, along with some buns, but I have no idea what to have with it! Oh yeah, and Trader Joes at 2pm...sooooo much better then the usual 8pm when I get there!

I bought the November issue of Good Housekeeping magazine last night, mainly because the Gosselin Family of Jon & Kate + 8 fame were on the cover. Funny, I had tivoed a bunch of episodes while we were in FL and one was the photo shoot for the magazine story. Had I not watched the episode, I wouldn't have noticed the cover, but I bought it and now I fear I'm turning into a soccer mom, prematurely. There are some good recipes in there! Really though, their family is adorable and they have a new book coming out. You know it's on my Christmas list.

Last night Steve and I returned the washer/dryer to buy a stackable set. Turns out they can deliver it tomorrow. Amazing. So, I'll be over there then to meet the delivery men. This domestic housewife thing is kinda fun. Shhh....don't tell Steve I said that :)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

new job? not so much

Right, so I was supposed to start the new job Monday. Today is Wednesday and I'm still unemployed. Well, not unemployed unemployed, but not working. The thing with crazy federal jobs is that there is loads of paperwork, and apparently mine isn't finished yet. Booo. I called the office today, and it may not be ready until next Tuesday! Now, I'm all for a day or two off here and there, but a week and a half? Should I complain about this? Granted, I do have some work to catch up on for my classes (well, one class...I had to drop the other...long story, you don't want to hear it, and I might cry. seriously.)

I guess it has been okay, in some respects. Steve's house is still not all unpacked and put away. A few weeks ago, we had picked out furniture, and some of it (the rest is still in NC) was delivered yesterday. So, I was here to oversee the delivery of a loveseat and chair, three tables and two lamps. My being here also ensured that they were placed where I wanted them :) His washer and dryer were supposed to come today...they did....but were returned. It seems that we were a bit silly and didn't measure the closet first, and when they arrived, they're too big. Ooooops. So, back they went and back to the store we will go tonight.

Even though I have some schoolwork that I should be doing, I may have been spending a bit of time looking at reception venues. I'm not engaged, but there is nothing wrong with a little pre-planning, now is there? Like I said, I had to drop one of my classes, the one that I lovedlovedloved and my remaining class is not what I thought it was going to be. I seem to have no motivation at all to do the work I should be doing. It's not even like there is much...I have a few case studies to prepare, but each one is no more then a page...so essentially, I have to write about six pages on six different topics. Booo to school. Why did I think I needed another Masters?

I want to go back to Disney!

Monday, October 20, 2008


Now that I've finally figured out how to post more then one picture at once (yeah, I'm slow), here are a few from Disney!


I love English phone booths :)

As part of the International Food and Wine Show, there were stands everywhere, one of them being my beloved Krakow!

I love Canada too :) I had a conversation with the shopkeeper about the glories that is Tim Hortons!

This was not at Disney...but I love chalupas. A lot.

Loved this ride. Loved loved loved it.

I should have bought this hat...but didn't. This is currently my facebook picture :)


Bratwurst in Germany. Yummmm.

Lovely day for a stroll through the World Showcase!

All decorated for Halloween!

Mickey and Minnie!!!

Breakfast at Cinderella's Castle, with my magic wand :)

Jasmine was Steve's favorite princess....can you guess why?

The teacups ride is my favorite of all time!

The castle!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

DC is cold

I got home from Florida tonight to coldddddd weather. You know what? I liked it! I am sooooo a fall/winter weather kind of girl. Put me in a turtleneck sweater any day.

Florida? Lots of fun! Disney? Intense! I don't know how some people, including a friend of mine, can go there multiple times a year! I was a bit Mickeyed out after day two! Fort Meyers and the wedding was really nice.

I will write more later and post some pics too...but now, I must go to bed....I start the new job tomorrow! Eeeeek!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

how happy is it really?

I'm heading to Florida tomorrow! Well, technically today, since it's 1:09am and I am still packing, haha. We are spending a few days at Disney and then going to Fort Meyers for a wedding. So, I won't be back until Sunday, so expect stories and pictures then!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

of gifts and galore

How do you feel about the idea of a honeyfund? Essentially, it works like a registry, but couples can pick out aspects of their honeymoon that you can directly contribute to.

As I mentioned, we are going to Florida next weekend for a wedding. The couple registered at two stores (Macys & Bed, Bath and Beyond, I believe) and then opted for a honeyfund. To be honest, I'm not sure how I feel about them. I'm a bit apprehensive about registries to begin with, but that's another post for another day. Remind me.

This couple lives in DC as well, so it seems a bit ridiculous to fly down with a gift and then have them fly back with it. We see them often, so to be, it makes far more sense to write them a lovely card to give them at the wedding and let them know a gift is waiting in DC. Is this a bad idea? Then I was toying with the idea of adding a little thing from their honeyfund to the card, but I still don't know if I am wild about the idea.

Thoughts? Do you know anyone who had honeyfunded? Would you honeyfund?

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

debate, schemate

Want to know a secret? I'm not watching the debate tonight. Here's a whopper for you. I haven't watched any of the debates before this either. Maybe this makes me a bad citizen, but really, I'm just so sick of this election that I don't want to hear any more then I have to. I'm not exceptionally wild about either candidate and I don't really want to listen to them and their constant attacks on one another. It's becomming so painful, my ears bleed listening to either of them and I can't take it. November can't come soon enough.

Please don't think I am one of those uninformed people who just complains about what happens, but does nothing about it, because that couldn't be further from the truth. I've worked on several campaigns over the years in various capacities, both during and after college. I've voted in every election, always by absentee ballot, because I still vote in NH, rather then DC. In fact, my ballot is sitting next to me on my bed as I write.

Want to hear something crazy? There is an election in Canada going on right now! What? You had no idea? I know, it's hard when ours overshadows everyone elses. Canadians are set to head to the polls on October 14...that is just a few short days away! I think the Canadians are brilliant- their elections last 36 days. The Prime Minister drops the writ and then the election begins. Election Day is a Monday. Short and sweet.

(in 2004 when Canada had their Federal Elections, I was in Ontario running a campaign....this was the time when I fell in love with the glories that is Tim Hortons....what I would for a timbit right now.....)

I have this hope that October will fly by and Election Day will be here before we know it and I won't have to hear this anymore...or at least not for another year before people begin to campaign again...

Maybe I will vote for the Libertarian candidate...they have two on the ballot, believe it or not. How that works, I'm not sure...

Monday, October 6, 2008

merlot? chardonnay? what's your pleasure?

This is the top of my fridge....yes, all those bottles of wine? Yes, they are mine.

Should I be concerned? Am I turning into a wine-o?

PS. At least it's all local wine from VA...okay, with the exception of two bottles on the rack that are from a wine cellar in Bratislava....

Friday, October 3, 2008

lose your blues, everyone cut footloose

I just can't shake these blues I'm feeling.

What should be an extraordinarly happy time for me is being overwhelmed by stress that I don't know how to make go away.

As I mentioned earlier this week, I gave my boss my two weeks notice. My last day here is a week from today, 10 Oct. That next week I will be in Florida for a wedding, including a few days at Disney, which, if you can believe it, I've never been to. On Monday, 20 Oct, I start a new job. A new job at a place that has long been one of my goals to someday work at. I didn't think this someday would come so soon. I've accepted a position at the Department of State. That, along with the Library of Congress and NATO, are my Big Three.

Also, Steve closed on a house this week and moved in that same day. This weekend we'll do some furniture shopping, as he has little of his own (his former roommate seemed to get much of it in their "divorce," though I don't mind, since much of it is ugly). I'm going with him, as we both seem to be under the impression I'll be living there too, though not initially. I'd still rather have at least the sparkle come first. House today, ring tomorrow? One can hope.

Despite these happy things, I feel like there is a huge cloud of fog over me, because of school. I should clarify- not from school, per se, but from the tuition that goes along with it. Extremely long story short, I am taking six credits this fall as usual, three at the university I attend and three elsewhere. Since three of my credits are not where I am (technically), they seem to think that I am not a part-time student (which I am) and I am less then part-time. The oh so lovely federal gov't loan peeps canceled my loan because they don't think I am part-time and suddenly I owe $6k to two expensive DC universities.

I have $6k in my pocket that I don't know what to do with...don't you? Doesn't everyone?


If I don't get this resolved in the next few weeks, it could spell t-r-o-u-b-l-e for me, because if I have a balance on my account, it gets frozen and then I can't register for spring semester.


I'm wishing I were independently wealthy.

PS. I'm not.

Maybe I will win the lottery this weekend? In that case, Mickey Mouse ears for everyone!