Friday, July 31, 2009

on grandparents

Yesterday was the sixth anniversary of my grandmother's death. Anniversary seems like such a strange word for this "occasion," doesn't it? I mean, anniversaries are supposed to be marking a momentous day, a happy time of celebration, and momentous and happy celebration are not words I use to describe death.

Six years ago, I was in Krakow. In theory, I was spending the summer writing my thesis. In reality, I was sleeping in, having lunch with friends, spending sun-filled days on the Rynek Glowny and having a love affair with a Polish farmer who found a little corner of my heart. I certainly wasn't in love with him, but it was short and sweet, as those sorts of things always are.

A few years prior to this, my grandmother had been diagnosed with lung cancer, after more than forty years of smoking. She quit cold turkey, but the damage was done. She'd been doing well, so it seemed, but I am not a doctor, nor a cancer specialist. I was home that Christmas and she seemed to be really good. Apparently those few months after, she did a downward spiral. My father called me in early July saying that I should plan to come home soon. I told him that I hadn't planned to come home until after I graduated, which wouldn't be until the following January, six months later. He said I needed to come home for Meme. Of course, I went to the nearest travel agent and found the most round-about flight home. Krakow-Vienna-Paris-Washington, DC-Boston. Seriously. It was last minute and it was cheap and it got me home. I flew into Boston-Logan and my father picked me up. We stopped at the hospital on the way, where she was asleep. That night, she passed away. I don't know if she knew I was there.

Ironically, when I'd been home for Christmas six months earlier, my grandfather passed away very suddenly. They were opposite grandparents- my mother's father and my father's mother. I still have the other two; my mother's mother and father's father are still alive and well. Of course, a huge part of me felt (and still feels) guilty for not really being there. It is times like this when I hate being so far from my family.

At the same time, I know that I've been so lucky that until just six years ago, all four of my grandparents were in good health and both sets lived within ten minutes of our house. They were there for every birthday party and graduation celebration; they were there for random Sunday dinners and visits after church. Christmas Eve was always, always with my father's family and Christmas Day was with my mother's. We still do that. I loved that every holiday could still be spent with both families and I know that my children will not have that fortune.

Meme made the best raspberry squares and tourtière pie. She didn't cook much other than that though! Steve has come to love tourtière too, and has evil plans to try to add cheese (SO not allowed!). I haven't made it yet- right now, the responsibility falls to my father, but I can't wait for my opportunity to test out the family recipe. I know it won't be anywhere nearly as good as Meme's.

My Pepe had a mass for her yesterday. I wish I could have been there. Of course, because I've been so frazzled the last few weeks (my final two classes are going on now), I didn't realize the significance of the date until I was getting ready for bed, and of course, then felt horrid for forgetting. There is a church two blocks from my office. Maybe I will go over at lunchtime and light a candle for her. Maybe I will go to Mass on Sunday and light a candle there for her.

Maybe I should do both. I think Meme would like that.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

on sympathy

I need to buy a sympathy card. A good friend's father passed away suddenly last week. I called and spoke to her as soon as I heard, and we've been emailing, of course, but I'd like to send her a card too, to let her know that I am thinking about her.

I went to find a card and couldn't find one that seemed appropriate for her. Maybe it is just me, but it seemed as though the sympathy cards are very religious lately. Now I have no problem at all with anyone's choice of religion, but there are some people, like my friend, who are not particularly religious and I don't want to buy her a card with words from the Corinthians or the Romans or any Psalms. I don't think that those words would comfort her. In some cases, I do buy those cards, because I know that it is appropriate, but in this case, it's not.

It just seemed a bit surprising to me that the good majority of sympathy cards evoked religious words and images. Has anyone else noticed this? What sort of cards do you look to send in such a situation? My friend just lost her father and I can't even imagine what she is going through right now, but I want her to know that even though I am several thousand miles away, she's in my thoughts (and prayers).

one day left!

There is only one more day to enter my giveaway, so if you haven't yet, you should! Who doesn't like spices? :)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I scream, you scream (but not in the library!)

Just saw this on twitter....

I'd be even more in love with the wonders that is Ben & Jerry's if they did this....

The libraries of the world are feeling under-appreciated, it seems. And it’s not because folks are ignoring them en masse, or talking loudly in their aisles—all they want is an ice-cream flavor they can call their own. A Facebook group called “People for a library-themed Ben & Jerry’s flavor!” has attracted nearly four thousand members, and is bent on petitioning the ice-cream company into submission.

The logic behind the cause is unassailable:

(1) Libraries are awesome;
(2) Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream is tasty;therefore:
(3) A library-themed Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream would be tasty awesome.

The suggestions are, indeed, tasty awesome. Among them:

Gooey Decimal System: Dark fudge alphabet letters with caramel swirls in hazelnut ice cream.

Sh-sh-sh-Sherbet!: Key Lime or a chocolate/vanilla combination.

Rocky Read: Vanilla with chocolate-covered nuts, chocolate chunks and raisins.

And because such an opportunity presents itself but once in a lifetime, we came up with a few of our own:

Writer’s Block: Coffee with fudge chunks and nicotine stains.

Chick Lit: Fat-free Peach-Mango swirl with pieces of Chicklet chewing gum.

Chexy Librarian: Demure vanilla on the outside, chocolate-covered cherries and Chex cereal pieces on the inside.

Twilit: Pale-white lemon sorbet with red shoestring licorice and the hair of Robert Pattinson.

Over-Goo Fudge: Chocolate with marshmallow and fudge.

Bookworm: Vanilla with gummy worms and annelid chunks.

Periodicals Cream: Glossy strawberry syrup, some eye-popping sprinkles, but mostly regular vanilla.

Chocolate Chip Bookie-Dough: Banana with chocolate-chip cookie dough. Decent odds.

Of Ice and M&M: M&Ms, Chocolate powder, Vanilla, Fresh bananas. It’s a good plan, but it never fully works.

Out-of-Print Pistachio: Even the nuts have freezer burn!

Reading Rainbow: PBS-sponsored Rainbow sherbet.

What would you add to this list?

PS. None of these are my ideas, I can't take credit for them at all! They are from the article I linked above :)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

new and improved!

Happy Saturday!

Look at my new blog header! I lovelovelove it. It was made by Tiffany at Mira Designs and she was wonderful to work with! Along with doing blog/etsy banners, she also does invitations and other personalized greetings, so if you have a need for anything, go say hello to her!

Since I am so pleased with my pretty new blog, I've decided that my giveaway will have two winners! The first winner will still win the spices and the second winner will win a few spices (I won't say which ones!) and a few other goodies. Yes, a surprise prize! YAY! So, if you haven't entered yet, please do, and if you have, enter again and pass the word along :)

Last weekend, Steve and I went to IKEA to find a table for my sewing machine. I found just what I needed- it isn't huge, but works, and I found a pink chair! Fantastic. I managed to put them together myself last night and was quite pleased with myself. Of course, I sat down right away and stitched together a few things. I have no idea what they will become, but I have a few bags of scrap pieces, so I decided they should turn into something, right?

What do you think I should make next?

I am off to go blackberry picking at Great Country Farm out in Bluemont, VA. Across the way it Bluemont Vineyard, where there will be live music and food and wine specials on their strawberry and blackberry wine! We've been there several times before and there is a GORGEOUS view. They say that on a clear day, you can see the Washington Monument from their porch, which is around sixty miles away. I haven't seen it yet, but hopefully one of these days! This is also where we got our Christmas tree last year and went strawberry picking a few weeks ago. It's a great place, check it out if you live nearby!

What are your Saturday plans?

Friday, July 24, 2009

embraceable you

It occurred to me last night that today is exactly six months until my birthday...on that birthday, I'll turn 30.

I've been thinking about that now and thinking about what it means. I've never been one of those girls who was particularly bothered by her age. Each birthday was lovely in many ways and I have happy memories from each and every one of them (ask me about my 22nd sometime. and my 23rd. and my 24th). Sometimes, when being asked how old I am now, without thinking about it, I say "oh, I'm 27." I'm not at all trying to downplay my age- but sometimes, I really do forget how old I am! Does that sound ridiculous? I just don't feel like I am anywhere close to being 30, but here it is!

Many of my friends are married and having babies, and now my sister's friends are getting married (she's 25!) and I can't help but think that they are way too young for that! It just doesn't seem possible that my friends or her friends are doing these things!

A friend of mine who will be 30 in October is extremely bothered by it. In fact, she says she's ignoring the day all together (mind you, she threw her husband a surprise party for his 30th!). I'm not feeling like I'll ignore my day; I'll embrace it.

Thinking about it though, I'm sure that I've always thought that certain things would be accomplished by the time I was 30. I figured I'd be married and have a corgi (obviously!), maybe a child, a house, a career, all of that. With the exception of the corgi, I don't see myself having any of those things in the next six months. By the time my mother was 30, she had me and my sister, a lovely Britany Spaniel called Sophie, my darling Daddy, and a cute white house in my wonderful hometown. Okay, so I have two Master's degrees...that should count for something though, right?

Of course, things don't always turn out how you imagine they might. Things may not be what I thought, but I am still pretty happy with the way things are (I do want that corgi though!).

Madeleine L'Engle said that "the great thing about getting older is that you don't lose all the other ages you've been." I love this, and it is so true. My mind is filled with so many memories and I know that there is room for many, many more.

How did/do you feel about your 30th? How did you celebrate? Or did you? ;)

Maybe I'll buy myself a really fabulous present...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

do you like monograms?

There is a monogram swap going on over at Jewish Girl in WASP's clothing's blog!

If you like seeing your initials everywhere, go check it out :)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

gëzuar ditëlindjen Inaete!

Remember a few months back when I sent Majlinda a beautiful doll for her birthday? I had a letter from her last week saying that it arrived! The letter said that she had a wonderful birthday that I was a part of too :)

On May 5 it was Majlinda's birthday and she turned six. It was a beautiful day for her. Majlinda had a party in the kindergarten with her friends and they had a good time there. A week later, her teacher organized a beauty contest and Majlinda won two prizes: Miss Smile and Miss Kindergarten. We thank you for becoming part of Majlinda's birthday with your gifts, cards and letter. Majlinda loves the doll you sent her, you made her very happy. Do you want to know how Majlinda named the doll? She named her Alma (Al stays for you and Ma for Majlinda). I hope that you are okay with that!

How could I not be okay with that?! Lovelovelove. Her doll shares part of my name, just like Majlinda shares part of my heart. She also sent some drawings she made, including one where she wrote my name. I need to start framing some of these for my walls!

Meanwhile, Inaete's birthday is coming up in September and this little lady will be on her way to Albania this afternoon!

I love her little polkadot legs and her cherry covered dress! I hope that Inaete loves her as much as Majlinda loves her doll!

I'll Admit It's a Rather Large Purse">Restoration by Rose Tremain (to read on the bus)

As a bookmark,">George Campise's card (he's doing">my tattoo)

An awful 2009 kitten calendar (because if you wait until May to get a calendar, it's either puppies or kittens)

A zipper pouch with my 'lady things' in it

Check book

Two CalTrain Tickets (from">recent trip to SF)

Glasses case (empty)

One arm (?) from my broken sunglasses

Kleenex pocket pack

Vitamin A & D ointment (for tattoo)

Jerry-rigged spray bottle of lotion (also for tattoo)

Neutrogena shine control blotting sheets

Moleskine quad-ruled notebook

Moleskine line-ruled 'mini' notebook

Mighty Bright book light

Evian facial spray

A jar of hippie healing salve

SD card reader (like for a USB port)

iPod adapter

iPod touch

iPod shuffle (this one has my son's music on it)

Smith's Rosebud Salve

Jason Tea Tree Nail Saver

Caswell-Massey Freesia Solid Perfume

Pillbox with various tylonols and such

Cell phone


Rescue remedy

Eye drops

Canon PowerShot

Two hair ties

Bus Pass

Cigarette case with driver's license, credit card, debit card and AAA card


Noticeably absent: Wallet. My friend's dog ate my wallet a couple weeks ago. Literally.


I blog at">Miss Grace's Disgrace. I also operate as 1/3 of">Boob Emancipation.

This was a part of a blog swap through 20-something bloggers. You can see what I wrote here! Hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

lemony fresh!

Is it weird that I really want a Meyer lemon tree?

I mean cute would this be in my little kitchen?

Rare Dwarf Citrus Trees

Are there any crazy/silly things that you want for your kitchen?

Saturday, July 18, 2009

a spicy giveaway!

Good morning and happy Saturday! Turns out, this is my 250th post, so I thought that a giveaway was appropriate, eh?

Today's giveaway involves one of my favorite things---


I'm sure I've made aware my cookbook obsession and mentioned recipes I've made, but those wouldn't be complete without some of the spices I use regularly. My favorite spice store is Penzeys. Do you know it? My best friend, a sous chef, sent me a few from there for my birthday one year and since then, I rarely buy them at a grocery store. You'd think that they would be more expensive, but that isn't the case at all. I've found that many of them are actually cheaper then even the store brand, and they are much better!

There are some that I use more often than others, of course, but I still have a pretty stocked up spice rack, I think (do you need to see pictures of that too?!). So, here's what I am offering you-

These are a few of my favorites---

Vanilla Sugar
Sweet Basil (French)
Sage (Albanian Whole Leaf)
Apple Pie Spice
China Cassia Cinnamon
French Thyme
California Minced Lemon Peel
Krakow Nights (Polish Seasoning)
Dutch Process Cocoa

The vanilla sugar is so nice sprinkled on fresh berries, to add just a bit of sweetness! I sprinkle the apple pie spice onto applesauce for a snack and I often add the lemon peel to muffins. The Krakow Nights was the first spice I got from Penzeys! I sometimes add that to kielbasa and potatos when I make those. Steve loves it!

Those are just a few of my favorites, though they have many, many more wonderful spices. The company is based in Wisconsin. If you are in the DC area, there is a store in Falls Church and Rockville, so go check them out. Otherwise, they ship, so order online :)

So for the giveaway-

For one entry, comment and tell me your favorite cooking spice.
For two entries, suggest a spice shop in your area that I may not know about, but should try.
For three entries, do the above and tweet about this giveaway and comment with the link.
For four entries, do the above and blog about this giveaway and comment with the link.
For five entries, do the above and become a follower of my blog. If you already do, let me know.

The giveaway will run for two weeks, until Friday, July 31 and the winner will be announced the weekend of August 1. It is likely that I will add a few goodies to the prize...not necessarily spices, but something else!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

have one baby for the Führer

Last night, I finished a really interesting book- I flew through this one, I literally couldn't put it down. Lately, I've been reading a lot of Holocaust fiction and this one, My Enemy's Cradle, by Sara Young, certainly fit the bill. I definitely didn't hate it as much as other recent reads.

From amazon-

From Publishers WeeklyStarred Review. Children's-book author Young (who, as Sara Pennypacker, penned the celebrated Stuart series) makes a stunning adult debut with this beautifully told and heart-wrenching novel set in WWII Europe. Cyrla, half-Jewish, is no longer safe hiding in the home of her Dutch relatives under the increasingly harsh Nazi occupation. When cousin Annika, whom Cyrla closely resembles, becomes pregnant by a German soldier, Annika's father enrolls her in a Lebensborn, a birthing center for Aryan children, where the slogan is 'have one baby for the Führer.' In a tragic turn of events, Cyrla discovers her only chance of survival is to hide in plain sight: she must assume Annika's identity and live in the German Lebensborn until rescued. Within the Lebensborn's walls, mothers-to-be receive proper nutrition and medical care until their children are taken from them for adoption into Aryan families. The horrors Cyrla witnesses are softened only by her resounding optimism and strength.

I have read a good deal on this subject, but hadn't read anything like this before. I knew very little about the idea of a lebensborn, but isn't the purpose of a good book to introduce you to something new?

This book had a good deal of twists and turns and while I have read enough about the Holocaust to know that it was far from a pretty time in history, there were still passages that shocked me, that made me close my eyes for a monent in horror.

A lebensborn would house girls as young as 14 and 15 who were expecting babies. The fathers were Nazi soldiers, and in many cases, the girls didn't know the father at all. They only knew that they wanted to produce as many children as they could, because that is what was expected of them and that was their contribution to the cause. The children were taken from the young mothers and adopted out to German families. Before entering the lebensborn, the young mothers-to-be were tested to be sure that they were pure in the sense that Nazi Germany was looking for- blond, blue eyes, Aryan. Perfect.

Cryla was an intriguing character. I found myself talking to her throughout the book, urging her to look a certain way or think a certain thought. Maybe this was because I know the tragic history of Nazi Germany, or maybe I found myself identifying with her in some mysterious way. That might sound like a bizarre thought, as I did not grow up in WWII Europe, but I can identify with her passion for life, what she thinks is right and her fierce determination to protect the ones she loves the most in this world.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

finally! they're here!

So over the weekend, Steve and I drove out to my cousin's house to pick up my new toys, including MY SEWING MACHINE!!!!!!! Hooray!

Of course, none of these are new, not at all- most of them are maybe 50 years old! I may have mentioned it before, but my cousin's other grandmother (not technically mine, but we were still close growing up) recently moved to an assisted living home, so my aunt has been cleaning out her house, which she and her husband had lived in for all of their married lives- this is also the hosue that my uncle grew up in! When I was home a few weeks ago, we went over to help a bit and my aunt let us take some things. Of course, I couldn't carry it all on the plane, so my cousin brought it back last week, as he drove back with a dining room table!

So finally, here is the long-awaited sewing machine! This is my mother's old one, but still works well and I can't wait to start making things!

Look at this breadbox! I love it! I have no idea where it will go, since I have NO counter space, but I really thought I needed it. I've secretly always wanted a breadbox.

There is also a little drawer beneath.

I know, like I need anymore cookbooks, but these are classics! Both of these were printed in the 1950's, so they are the real deal! Plus, they have Nanny's handwritten notes inside, which I love.

Underneath the Fannie Farmer cookbook is a stack of tea towels, something that I collect, so that was an exciting find.

The meat grinder! I have no idea what I will use this for, but it was too cool to leave behind. Next to it is a pastry cutter, I believe...

Let's see, a strawberry huller, small tart tins, a butter slicer, a honey wand, a butter press, and that thing in the top left corner? I have no idea!

Two teapots!

Gorgeous blue plates. I found eight of them, plus a matching pie plate.

White linen napkins. The ones on the right are embroidered with a C, which is the initial for Steve's last name. I found about ten of those. The ones on the left have pretty embroidery too.

Sterling silver serving spoons. Maybe a copper ladle?

I found other things too that aren't pictured, but these are just the most fun things. I brought back several copper bottom pots and pans, a few baking dishes, another set of pretty desert plates with flower designs and a few other odds and ends. I felt bad about taking so much, but my aunt said that some things would be brought to Goodwill and she knew that Nanny would be happy to know that my sister and I have it. Trust me, there was still SO much that is going to Goodwill! This was all after my aunt and uncle and two cousins went through everything and took things for their homes.

Now I need to find room in my tiny kitchen for these new additions, not to mention find a place for the sewing machine to live!

PS. Stay tuned for a giveaway later this week! Can you guess what it is this time?

Friday, July 10, 2009

always a bridesmaid

As you may know, I am a bridesmaid in a good friend's wedding this October. The wedding will be held in CT. I'll be there in a lovely cinnamon colored dress. There will be two bridal showers; one in CT and one in MA. The MA shower is in mid-August and the CT shower is a few weeks later, in September. Clearly, I cannot go up for both. I plan to go up for the MA shower.

Originally, the MoH had thought we'd have the bachelorette party the same weekend as the MA shower, which worked out well, as I'd be there for the shower anyway. About a week ago, it was discovered that the bride has a prior commitment for that night, so the shower will be moved, most likely to the weekend of the CT shower. Of course, the girls asked if I could come up for that shower instead. I can't though. The CT shower was first slated for the last weekend in August, but was later moved to a couple weeks later, which turned out to be the same day as Heidi's wedding (whose invitation came in the mail today!). Clearly I cannot be in CT that weekend. I explained this to the other girls, I am unable to come up that weekend, but of course, I totally understand the need to have the bachelorette that weekend. I'd be sorry to miss it, but it is the best date for everyone else (oh, all of the other girls live in CT and MA, so they plan to go to both showers).

The MoH is now sending around a chart that we are supposed to fill out with the dates we are available, ideas we have and how much we are willing to contribute to the bachelorette. Here is my question. If I cannot attend the bachelorette, am I still obligated, as a bridesmaid, to contribute to the event? I don't want to come across as unwilling or uncooperative, but I am sending up ideas and doing what I can from miles and miles away.

As I said, I totally understand that they'll have it without me, and that is fine. I would never expect something to be changed just for me, as it is a bit harder for me to get up there. Should I still contribute, financially? How should I approach this?

What would you do?

look at this photograph, everytime I do it makes me laugh

Last night, I was looking around my apartment at some of the photos I have. They're all in frames, on the wall or on shelves documenting some of my favorite moments in time. There are pictures from the two years I lived in Krakow; all over the city and all over some of the others that I was fortunate enough to travel to. There are photos of my family; of me with my siblings when we were young and photos of my grandparents and a photo of my parents about twenty years ago when my mother's hair was long and curly. They are at the top of Mount Washington- it is one of my favorite photos of them. They look so happy and carefree, like they are at the top of the world (which they literally were! well, close!). There are photos of me with high school friends and photos of me with college friends. Photos of me with friends from in between. There are also two photos of me and Steve; one from my best friend's wedding a few years ago and the other at the Christmas tree at Rockfeller Center, also a few years ago.

Sensing a pattern here?

I found that none of the photos in my apartment are from later than 2005. Why is this? Well, I'd say that it is because of the arrival of digital cameras. Yes, I realize that they existed before 2005...but that is when I got one! I was in Poland from 2002 until 2004 and I had an older camera that took actual film that I would bring to get developed. I miss those days. One of my favorite things was to drop off a few rolls of film and then go back to pick up the pictures, with the anticipation of what was on the roll. Inevitably, there would be a few bad pictures, but they were developed anyway. There was no "delete" button if my eyes were closed or I didn't like the way I looked. I had the photo anyway, for all of eternity.

I was so sad when I recently read that Kodak decided to retire its iconic Kodachrome film after more than 70 years. Again, another move towards the world of digitalization. My two years in Poland are documented in hundreds of photos. They are in a large Rubbermaid bin, which sits in the corner of my apartment. I've begun to organize them into albums, but I can't work on this project for too long because I get so nostalgic and begin to daydream about ways to get back to Krakow and spend my days sitting on the Rynek Glowny in the sun. Those days were among the most amazing I've had and I can think of few things I'd like more then to be there again.

I suppose the solution to my dilemma is to print out new photos for frames, eh? Somehow though, it isn't the same. While I do have hundreds of recent photos, most of which can be seen on the dozens of albums on facebook, it still doesn't compare to the the thrill of real photos, fresh from being developed. I miss that.

What are your most favorite photos? Where in your house are they hung?

PS. Keep an eye out...I'll be posting a giveaway or two next week!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

to send or not to send

As you know, I am a big fan of mail, both sending and receiving. I send birthday cards, anniversary cards, hello and how are you cards, happy new house cards, get well soon cards, sympathy cards, wedding cards, happy new baby cards, etc etc etc. Really, I should buy stock in Hallmark! I may also be single-handedly keeping the U.S. Postal System in business ;)

This is my dilemma. Like I said, I send cards for every occasion. That includes thank you cards, which is a big deal to me. I think that sending thank you cards is so, so important. Next week is the first wedding anniversary of a high school friend and his new bride. I attended their wedding last July in NH, along with a few other high school friends. I was invited to her bridal shower. I couldn't attend, but sent up what I thought was a really nice gift (a copy of the Cake Love cookbook!) Given that I was his friend first and she and I were not especially close (and frankly, I was surprised I was invited to the shower), I thought that was a nice gift. She never sent a thank you note. The only reason I know she received it is because I tracked the delivery online. I never received any sort of acknowledgement. Then came the wedding, which I traveled to NH for, from DC, of course. Steve came too. We spent time with my family of course, and did the wedding. I brought a gift- two sets of nice wine glasses, a nice bottle of wine and a few other wine related things that I can't recall right now. I don't believe they had a registry, so I wasn't entirely sure what to get them, though I don't do registries anyway, but that is another story.

Again, they never sent a thank you note.

Maybe it is petty of me, but I am really annoyed by their lack of manners and not sending a thank you note or ANY sort of acknowledgement. I took time off work to be there with them and no reply of any kind? I know that technically, you have a year to send thank you notes, but they are also both teachers, so these could have been done so quickly, since they had the summer off!

I've spoken to my other friends who were there and none of them plan to send an anniversary card either, as they are equally annoyed about their not sending thank you notes. I just think it lacks manners, you know? Still though, as bothered as I am, I still feel bad about not sending an anniversary card!

Maybe I should also add that I don't really speak to them all that often anyway. They didn't send me a Christmas card this year either. I am friends with the bride on facebook, but my friend isn't on there at all, so our contact is fairly limited these days. I haven't seen them since the wedding, now that I think about it and when I am home, I have such little time there that I want to spend it with my family and my best friend and godson, since I obviously talk to them all the time. Oh, and my best friend is a high school friend and one of the ones who didn't receive a thank you note either!

Is it wrong of me to feel this way? What would you do? Would you let it slide and send a card? Or just let the day pass like any other?

Thursday, July 2, 2009

good golly, Miss Molly!

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the American Girl dolls and how I received Molly one Christmas. Well, while I was home this weekend, I decided to bring her back to DC with me.

As you can see from the photos, I've been a terrible mother over the last few years and neglected my poor baby. Her braids are gone and her hair is a hot mess. She's sporting her Christmas dress, which is filthy, if you can see in the pictures! Also, her glasses are missing!!! Report me to child services!

Maybe I should send her to the doll hospital for a little TLC? While she's there, she can even get her ears pierced, should she want! Knowing how much I cried when I got mine pierced for the first time, I wouldn't want her to go through that alone...!

How do your favorite childhood toys look these days? Are you saving any for your future children?

yay craftiness!

As I mentioned yesterday, I made three more potholders while I was home over the weekend! I love the fabrics on this first one. It has a little Paris theme, with little Eiffel Towers and Arc de Triomphe's! So adorable.

I'm so excited to get the sewing machine here, but then the next big task will be to find room to set it up! I'd prefer to be able to keep it out, rather then having to lug it out each time I want to use it, but that also requires a table, something I don't actually have in my apartment, believe it or not. I have ideas that involve getting rid of the ugly blue loveseat and putting a table in its place, or moving my dresser into my closet, and setting up the sewing machine in the nook, but we'll see. I've got projects in mind! Then, of course, I need to think up a name for the etsy shop that I want to open! Any suggestions?

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

goodbye June, where did you go?

It's July? Really? How did that happen? Wasn't it just the middle of April? Alas, July is here, what more can I say?

This past weekend was really, really lovely. I was home in NH, just for Saturday to Monday. Of course, trips home are never long enough, but that is what makes them so very special, because I appreciate them that much more, I think. One of my very oldest and dearest friends turned 30 last weekend and her husband organized a big fiesta for her. She is a French teacher at the local high school and one of my favorite Francophiles, but hey, even they need a margarita once in a while ;) It was so, so nice to see her though. She has two babies, a four year old and an almost two year old and I can't get over how much they look like her! Some other old friends were there, including one who had a baby in February, so I got to hold and play with the cutest, chubbiest baby you've ever seen! Laughing and sharing old stories, being surrounded by old friends, it was just what I needed. There is something so special about old friends; the ones who have known you the longest, long before you were who you are today. They are the ones who have helped you get there, and I am so glad to have these people in my life.

Of course, I saw my grandmother too, who is doing so incredibly after her surgery last February. She's amazing, she really is. I went to my best friend's house and had breakfast with her and her husband, and little boy, my godson, who will be two this weekend (4th of July baby!). Since I am brilliant, I left his birthday presents here in DC, so I'll need to mail them and they'll be late. Well, one of the gifts is a savings bond, so that will take some time anyway. Once he is old enough to understand what those are, he will probably hate me for sending such boring gifts!

My mother also brought out her old sewing machine and I made a few more potholders. I'll post pictures later. My cousin is flying home tomorrow and will drive back with the machine next week, as he's bringing back some furniture too, and a few other things. I acquired a good bit of kitchen items too (long story), including a cast iron meat grinder! I have no idea what I will ever use that for, but it amused me too much to leave behind! Now I just need a bigger kitchen....

In other news, I decided at the last minute to take two classes during the second summer session. They begin next week, so from 7/6-8/14, I will have classes Monday-Thursday, 6-9:30pm. Awesome. At least that will complete my requirements for the degree....

How was your weekend?

PS. I think my blog might need a makeover. What do you think?