Tuesday, July 14, 2009

finally! they're here!

So over the weekend, Steve and I drove out to my cousin's house to pick up my new toys, including MY SEWING MACHINE!!!!!!! Hooray!

Of course, none of these are new, not at all- most of them are maybe 50 years old! I may have mentioned it before, but my cousin's other grandmother (not technically mine, but we were still close growing up) recently moved to an assisted living home, so my aunt has been cleaning out her house, which she and her husband had lived in for all of their married lives- this is also the hosue that my uncle grew up in! When I was home a few weeks ago, we went over to help a bit and my aunt let us take some things. Of course, I couldn't carry it all on the plane, so my cousin brought it back last week, as he drove back with a dining room table!

So finally, here is the long-awaited sewing machine! This is my mother's old one, but still works well and I can't wait to start making things!

Look at this breadbox! I love it! I have no idea where it will go, since I have NO counter space, but I really thought I needed it. I've secretly always wanted a breadbox.

There is also a little drawer beneath.

I know, like I need anymore cookbooks, but these are classics! Both of these were printed in the 1950's, so they are the real deal! Plus, they have Nanny's handwritten notes inside, which I love.

Underneath the Fannie Farmer cookbook is a stack of tea towels, something that I collect, so that was an exciting find.

The meat grinder! I have no idea what I will use this for, but it was too cool to leave behind. Next to it is a pastry cutter, I believe...

Let's see, a strawberry huller, small tart tins, a butter slicer, a honey wand, a butter press, and that thing in the top left corner? I have no idea!

Two teapots!

Gorgeous blue plates. I found eight of them, plus a matching pie plate.

White linen napkins. The ones on the right are embroidered with a C, which is the initial for Steve's last name. I found about ten of those. The ones on the left have pretty embroidery too.

Sterling silver serving spoons. Maybe a copper ladle?

I found other things too that aren't pictured, but these are just the most fun things. I brought back several copper bottom pots and pans, a few baking dishes, another set of pretty desert plates with flower designs and a few other odds and ends. I felt bad about taking so much, but my aunt said that some things would be brought to Goodwill and she knew that Nanny would be happy to know that my sister and I have it. Trust me, there was still SO much that is going to Goodwill! This was all after my aunt and uncle and two cousins went through everything and took things for their homes.

Now I need to find room in my tiny kitchen for these new additions, not to mention find a place for the sewing machine to live!

PS. Stay tuned for a giveaway later this week! Can you guess what it is this time?


Anonymous said...

oh man, i used to want a breadbox something awful... my friend down the street had one and i was SO jealous! they had the same roll-top kind... i'd completely forgotten about that.

i love finding treasures at people's houses... it really is true that other people's garbage is someone else's treasure!

Jess said...

This stuff is all so cool! My grandmother left me her silver, along with a very sweet note. I still treasure it even though we never use the silver.

Kate Coveny Hood said...

Love the Spode! Also the napkins and the silver.

Can't wait to see what you make with the sewing machine. As always - envious of everyone who knows how to sew...

La Petite Belle said...

how exciting. i really want to get a sewing machine too.

Janssen said...

What a cool set of things! Enjoy!

The Northerner said...

What neat stuff! I want to bring my sewing machine back so bad. I have so many things I need hemmed and it would be so much cheaper if I just did it myself. Maybe once we move I will get it!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE butter slicer but don't actually have one...I need to remedy this!

Princess Freckles said...

What neat finds! Those napkins are so pretty! As are the blue and white plates!

I love that sewinf machine already has pink thread in it! How perfect!

Carolyn said...

My grandfather gave my parents a similar meat grinder. It's so neat! My dad uses it to make ham salad. Yum!

Love the new old treasures!

Larissa said...

Oooh, what fun gadgets! Family heirlooms are so precious.