Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I'll Admit It's a Rather Large Purse">Restoration by Rose Tremain (to read on the bus)

As a bookmark,">George Campise's card (he's doing">my tattoo)

An awful 2009 kitten calendar (because if you wait until May to get a calendar, it's either puppies or kittens)

A zipper pouch with my 'lady things' in it

Check book

Two CalTrain Tickets (from">recent trip to SF)

Glasses case (empty)

One arm (?) from my broken sunglasses

Kleenex pocket pack

Vitamin A & D ointment (for tattoo)

Jerry-rigged spray bottle of lotion (also for tattoo)

Neutrogena shine control blotting sheets

Moleskine quad-ruled notebook

Moleskine line-ruled 'mini' notebook

Mighty Bright book light

Evian facial spray

A jar of hippie healing salve

SD card reader (like for a USB port)

iPod adapter

iPod touch

iPod shuffle (this one has my son's music on it)

Smith's Rosebud Salve

Jason Tea Tree Nail Saver

Caswell-Massey Freesia Solid Perfume

Pillbox with various tylonols and such

Cell phone


Rescue remedy

Eye drops

Canon PowerShot

Two hair ties

Bus Pass

Cigarette case with driver's license, credit card, debit card and AAA card


Noticeably absent: Wallet. My friend's dog ate my wallet a couple weeks ago. Literally.


I blog at">Miss Grace's Disgrace. I also operate as 1/3 of">Boob Emancipation.

This was a part of a blog swap through 20-something bloggers. You can see what I wrote here! Hope you enjoy!

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