Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I scream, you scream (but not in the library!)

Just saw this on twitter....

I'd be even more in love with the wonders that is Ben & Jerry's if they did this....

The libraries of the world are feeling under-appreciated, it seems. And it’s not because folks are ignoring them en masse, or talking loudly in their aisles—all they want is an ice-cream flavor they can call their own. A Facebook group called “People for a library-themed Ben & Jerry’s flavor!” has attracted nearly four thousand members, and is bent on petitioning the ice-cream company into submission.

The logic behind the cause is unassailable:

(1) Libraries are awesome;
(2) Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream is tasty;therefore:
(3) A library-themed Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream would be tasty awesome.

The suggestions are, indeed, tasty awesome. Among them:

Gooey Decimal System: Dark fudge alphabet letters with caramel swirls in hazelnut ice cream.

Sh-sh-sh-Sherbet!: Key Lime or a chocolate/vanilla combination.

Rocky Read: Vanilla with chocolate-covered nuts, chocolate chunks and raisins.

And because such an opportunity presents itself but once in a lifetime, we came up with a few of our own:

Writer’s Block: Coffee with fudge chunks and nicotine stains.

Chick Lit: Fat-free Peach-Mango swirl with pieces of Chicklet chewing gum.

Chexy Librarian: Demure vanilla on the outside, chocolate-covered cherries and Chex cereal pieces on the inside.

Twilit: Pale-white lemon sorbet with red shoestring licorice and the hair of Robert Pattinson.

Over-Goo Fudge: Chocolate with marshmallow and fudge.

Bookworm: Vanilla with gummy worms and annelid chunks.

Periodicals Cream: Glossy strawberry syrup, some eye-popping sprinkles, but mostly regular vanilla.

Chocolate Chip Bookie-Dough: Banana with chocolate-chip cookie dough. Decent odds.

Of Ice and M&M: M&Ms, Chocolate powder, Vanilla, Fresh bananas. It’s a good plan, but it never fully works.

Out-of-Print Pistachio: Even the nuts have freezer burn!

Reading Rainbow: PBS-sponsored Rainbow sherbet.

What would you add to this list?

PS. None of these are my ideas, I can't take credit for them at all! They are from the article I linked above :)


Jennifer said...

ha! Your suggestions are so funny!

Anonymous said...

i don't like books so i've got nothing to add
but Gooey Decimal System is brilliant!

My Kind of Strange said...

Without a doubt the Gooey Decimal system is the BEST name! I love it!

Shoshanah said...

Are these seriously for real? They're awfully amusing! I think my favorite would probably be the writers block (minus the nicotine stains I'm sure)

Mandy said...

LOL! I love your witty ice cream flavor descriptions. Sooo funny and creative! I found your blog from a link on another blog. I like your sense of humor.

Here's a new one to consider adding to the mix -

Bookaneer - vanilla with chocolate R-letters and blood red strawberry sauce on top. When you eat it you say, "Arrrrgh" like a pirate! :-) (on second thought, that is too corny.)

KatherineBee said...

This is the best group I've ever heard of! And I agree, Gooey Decimal system sounds delish and educational.