Monday, January 26, 2009

can you cook?

So remember once before when I said I had a lot of cookbooks? Tonight I was cleaning my apartment (it's a complete disaster!) and found a stack of new cookbooks that I got for Christmas (so I haven't totally put things away from the holidays...) and I realized that I really have no more room for cookbooks.

Seriously. This is why----

Do you think I have a problem?

Don't answer that :)

Instead, answer this- what is your favorite cookbook AND favorite recipe? Let me know, because I clearly need more of both.

They'll be a winner! Oh yes, another contest! This will be randomly chosen by one of those random integrator things that I see people use (I'll ask someone...) and the lucky winner will win a copy of Rachael Ray's Big Orange Book! No, it won't be the copy that you see on my shelf and is signed by Rachael herself, but a new copy of your very own!
So, get cooking!


Lisa said...

My favorite cookbook is Saving Dinner: The Menus, Recipes, and Shopping Lists to Bring Your Family Back to the Table
by Leanne Ely because it breaks things out by season and gives you grocery lists for each week. The meals are made to serve 6 people though, so I either cut all the ingredients in half or I just make the full amount and freeze half if I think it is a freeze and reheat worthy meal.

My favorite recipe is for enchiladas and it comes out of a chicken cookbook I have. They are "white" enchiladas and the sauce is really creamy and yummy.

Anonymous said...

Holy Crapface. That's a lot of cookbooks.

My favorite is 101 Things to do with a Casserole. I never have enough time to prepare an elaborate meal so this is perfect.

Though my favorite recipe has to be my chicken teryaki recipe with homemade white sauce. It costs so much less than going out for hibachi but it tastes just as good!:)

magda said...

yes, you have a problem. But that's okay, I still love you.

My favorite is Barefoot Contessa--the first one, not the entertaining or the parties one. She has a lot of great recipes, but my favorite is her hummus; so easy to make, and sooo tasty. I'm also partial to her garlicky-white bean dip. Oh, and the bread salad, too. It seems I'm more of a side-dish girl ; )

Now I'm hungry.

Janssen said...

I LOVE the "Y'all Come Eat" cookbook by the Deen brothers, especially the recipe for Chicken Cordon Bleu stuffed with cream cheese. Yum.

Sara said...

My favorite cook book is an old Family Circle cook book my mother gave me when I moved into my first apartment. The shrimp scampi recipe is better than anything I have had in a restaurant and it is always my go-to when I want to make a meal to impress someone. Actually, that is the first meal I made for my now husband.

Sarah said...

I only started cooking recently. The book that led me to it is "How To Boil Water." It gives totally easy recipes for SOOO many things. I also like that it tells you how to store different veggies and meats and how long they last.

It has a great, easy recipe for roasting a whole chicken which I've used a few times.

Mel said...

Um... I have a cookbook called "3-4 ingredient recipes". I can't say I've cooked out of it but in theory its a good book.

I will recommend sour cream cherry scones from
and the sweet potato strudel from food network.
I've made those numerous times and they are yummy.

I saw you had a slow cooker cookbook... any good? I just bought a slow cooker and I don't know what to do with it.

Heidi said...

since i don't really have many cookbooks, i don't really have a favorite - martha stewarts fast easy meals is a good one that i've been enjoying so far i haven't cooked enough of her recipes to have a favorite though.

Favorite recipe? martha stewart's lighter mac and cheese. Mmmm. so good!

(and yes you have a problem but i fully support this one! because it's a good one to have ;) )

La Petite Belle said...

my mom has the same problem/addiction!

Playful Professional said...

I love looking at different cookbooks; there's always something new that sounds good. My favorite is probably well really I don't know it just depends on the week and what I'm looking for that day. Let's go with my big Pink BEtter Homes and Gardens book and their lemon square recipe :)

Lacey Bean said...

Oooh hard one! My favorite cookbook is Rachael Ray 365, and my favorite recipe is one that we've had in my family, cut out from a magazine somewhere, for spaghetti pie. Which I just blogged about!!

Maxie said...

favorite cookbooks: the borders series! you know the ones in the bargain bin. They are SO GOOD!

there's a great recipe in there for homemade truffles. To. Die. For.

Anonymous said...
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Kate Coveny Hood said...

We have FAR too many cookbooks as well.

Honestly - we tend to pull out the old school cookbooks more often than not. Like the Better Homes and Gardens cook book (the one with the red checked cover that everyone's mom used. Most recently we've been into stews and soups (gee - I wonder why?)