Thursday, January 8, 2009

my bulleted life

  • I hate the song "I Knew I Loved You" by Savage Garden. I have no idea why. In theory, it's a lovely song, but there is something about it that irks me. A friend wanted to use it as her first dance at her wedding, but then found out that someone else planned to. I was secretly relieved. I know, I'm awful.
  • It makes me really sad to see Christmas trees lying on the sidewalk, their glory days being over. I wish they could stay up year-round, I really do!
  • Last weekend, we stopped by Mount Vernon (I LOVE Mount Vernon...) and there was a wedding reception there. It was so lovely and beautiful that I wanted to cry. It was one of those perfectly cool and crisp days that wasn't too cold, but cold enough that you knew it was January. The bride had an amazing dress that I may secretly covet for my own, and she had a mink stole around her neck. Really, she was stunning. I'd love to have my wedding there, but since it is unlikely that the entire plantation will be relocated to NH anytime soon, I guess it won't be happening!
  • Obama was outside my office building this afternoon and I didn't see him. I'm not particularly upset about not seeing him, but my colleague stood outside for 40 minutes waiting for a glimpse. She saw him, she was happy.
  • I have lemon rosemary chicken baking in the oven right now and it's smelling delish.
  • I hosted a cookie swap last month and I still have not posted the pictures. It was a lovely afternoon and much fun was had by all (I think!)
  • I saw snow flurries for about seven minutes today. Then, poof, like magic, they were gone.
  • I love Russian babushka nesting dolls. I have a bit of a collection, including a tea towel and a few ornaments, and they never fail to make me smile.
  • There is a rowhouse on 8th St. SE, near Eastern Market that is still decorated so beautifully for Christmas. They had wreaths hanging with red velvet ribbon from each window, and candles in the windows as well. When I walk home from the metro, I go by it every night and think about the sort of people who live there. A little part of me wants to knock on their door and tell them how wonderful their home looks, but I think that might be a little creepy, so I don't; I just walk by and think it to myself.
  • I got two new Vera Bradley bags for Christmas and haven't used either of them yet.
  • As an impulse, I bought a package of strawberries at Harris Teeter tonight. There were samples out and they were so sweet and juicy that I couldn't resist.

What makes your week random?


Anonymous said...

of course all enjoyed the cookie swap, at least i did! and kudos to you for opening "your" place up to some strangers : )
i loved meeting all of the great ladies that were there that day!

anyway, the strawberries sound awesome right now, i'm stuffing my face with chocolate but i wish it were the fruit.

Ashley D said...

I get sad when I see Christmas trees laying on the sidewalk too. It's so depressing. :(

Sara said...

Oh, that lemon rosemary chicken sound lovely! Please share the recipe!

La Petite Belle said...

I hate that song too. It's so, I don't know, hard to describe but I don't like it.

Janssen said...

Great post.

Also, I just got the stationary this week (I was out of town, so I don't know when it actually was delivered) and I love it! Thanks so so much!

Maxie said...

i hate that savage garden song-- it's lame and it's kind of depressing for some reason.

Playful Professional said...

I kind of think the majority of things I do are random, and I like it that way. Random things for this week are playing DDR on the Wii, learning that the way I tie my shoes has a name, and buying ricotta cheese - I pretty much despise the stuff - because Giada's lasagna rolls sounded good.