Friday, October 3, 2008

lose your blues, everyone cut footloose

I just can't shake these blues I'm feeling.

What should be an extraordinarly happy time for me is being overwhelmed by stress that I don't know how to make go away.

As I mentioned earlier this week, I gave my boss my two weeks notice. My last day here is a week from today, 10 Oct. That next week I will be in Florida for a wedding, including a few days at Disney, which, if you can believe it, I've never been to. On Monday, 20 Oct, I start a new job. A new job at a place that has long been one of my goals to someday work at. I didn't think this someday would come so soon. I've accepted a position at the Department of State. That, along with the Library of Congress and NATO, are my Big Three.

Also, Steve closed on a house this week and moved in that same day. This weekend we'll do some furniture shopping, as he has little of his own (his former roommate seemed to get much of it in their "divorce," though I don't mind, since much of it is ugly). I'm going with him, as we both seem to be under the impression I'll be living there too, though not initially. I'd still rather have at least the sparkle come first. House today, ring tomorrow? One can hope.

Despite these happy things, I feel like there is a huge cloud of fog over me, because of school. I should clarify- not from school, per se, but from the tuition that goes along with it. Extremely long story short, I am taking six credits this fall as usual, three at the university I attend and three elsewhere. Since three of my credits are not where I am (technically), they seem to think that I am not a part-time student (which I am) and I am less then part-time. The oh so lovely federal gov't loan peeps canceled my loan because they don't think I am part-time and suddenly I owe $6k to two expensive DC universities.

I have $6k in my pocket that I don't know what to do with...don't you? Doesn't everyone?


If I don't get this resolved in the next few weeks, it could spell t-r-o-u-b-l-e for me, because if I have a balance on my account, it gets frozen and then I can't register for spring semester.


I'm wishing I were independently wealthy.

PS. I'm not.

Maybe I will win the lottery this weekend? In that case, Mickey Mouse ears for everyone!


Sara said...

Paying for school can be so stressful. Try to have a chat with the financial aid people, every once in a blue moon...they can be reasonable.

Congrats on the new job and Steve's new place!

Ashley D said...

I hate money, or at least not having any. It always seems to cause more problems. At least you have a few exciting things to look forward to for a while

Playful Professional said...

I swear financial stuff just keeps getting worse and worse. The law school stopped giving out enough student loans to cover living expenses, and it's made it tough for everyone. This whole economic fiasco is hitting everyone and hard :(

Dolce said...

I'm really banking on winning the lottery someday. Hopefully soon.

Congrats on the dream job!

Sarah said...

Sorry about the financial stress... that can be so draining. But HOLY CRAP, congrats on your DoS position. Seriously, I know people who would actually kill to work there. Very big deal!