Tuesday, April 14, 2009

le sigh

Sad news. I didn't bring my mother's old sewing machine back to DC with me :(

I was planning to, and my mother pulled it from its hiding spot in the closet of my old room. We dusted it off and stitched a few pieces, to be sure that it is still working properly, and it is. Unfortunately, it was a bit larger then she remembered. I was convinced that I could fit it under the seat in front of me and use it has a carryon, but yeah, that wasn't happening. Then we thought maybe I could just check it, but my father advised us against that, as baggage handlers may not be so gentle.

I guess this means I need to drive home one of these days and bring it back with me, along with a bookshelf and several crates full of books that are still at home (yes, I have even more books, still at home...these include most of my childhood books!).

So, no potholders anytime soon :(

**** EDIT!!!

I've discovered a place nearby where you can rent sewing machines! I can go there and rent them by the hour! I can also buy adorable fabrics there :) So, all is not lost!


Anonymous said...

your father is a smart man - never check anything that you care about and would be upset over if it came back to you destroyed... if it came back at all
... especially if you're going through Philly

LiLu said...

YAYYYY! Man, you just took me on a helluva roller coaster ride ;-)

Want to make me some potholders? We realized we lost ours this weekend... long story.

Beauty of Argument said...

That's no fun about you mom's machine, because I know how much you were looking forward to using that one. But yay for the sewing machine rental place. That is so neat!

VpO said...

Would any of those books be the ones we franticly removed from your bag and into mine (so you'd weigh in) at an airport in Warsaw?

jlc said...

Yay for all not being lost!!!

I love the way you write... it's definitely how I talk in real life.

Have a great week!!