Tuesday, April 21, 2009

on why I hate the metro, reasons no. 673,027

Ughh, metro, you really make me crazy. I have only a two-stop ride from home to work (this excludes the roughly 10-15 walk to the metro to begin with, but that is beside the point right now). So really, it only takes a few minutes. This morning, like many others in the upcoming "touristy" months, I wanted to stab my eyes out with a fork.

As the doors close, this does not mean that you should heave yourself onto the train. The doors are NOT elevator doors; they will NOT spring back open. You will simply be stuck, you in the train and your ridiculously large and unnessecary backback on the outside, looking like a jackass, with all of the people already on the train looking at you like the pathetic thing that you are. There will be another train in two minutes. Wait for it. Don't make me late for work because you are rushing off to the Smithsonian, which isn't even open yet anyway.

Secondly, don't block the freaking doors! It's common courtesy to move away from the doors and find a seat. Yes, when I am only metroing two stops, I rarely sit, unless it is right by the door and the train isn't full, which is rare ar rush hour. So I stand near the door without blocking it. What a concept, eh? This morning, I tried to get off the train but was blocked by two huge linebackers for the Redskins. Seriously, both men were at least six feet tall and a good 250lbs. Me? Not close. They both kept looking down at their newspapers while I repeated "excuse me" about nine times. Neither was wearing an ipod, they could hear me. There is no excuse for that! Come on now! Finally, I just barrelled through. Ughhhh.

Booooo metro.


Maris said...

The metro sounds just as bad as the NYC subway!

Anonymous said...

It is amazing how universally rude people are. You could also be describing the T is Boston.

Mel said...

You could have my 3-4 hours of commute everyday?

Could be worse.

Jackie said...

Uggghhhh I hate people that don't know metro's "rules". Dreading tourist season!

Playful Professional said...

It's horrible but I actually drive even close distances most of the time because I hate taking the metro so much. Especially during tourist season.