Thursday, June 2, 2011

cute up!

Are you following Scarlet Threads on twitter? If so, did you see this tweet?
@ScarletThreadFT We're offering 39% off in our #fairtrade shop. Use the code "thriftythursday" #fairtrade #coupon #SALE Today only!
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39% off! 39 new facebook likes! Was one of them you? Did you read this post of mine?
Do you need an apron? Quick, go buy one with this amazing discount, today only!

We started with 3200 fans and this morning we had 3239!

Ergo, today is a 39% One-Day Sale!

Enter the code "thriftythursday" at checkout and you will receive 39% off your entire purchase in our shop.

Just think: Mattie May (our most popular style) is now $26.84.

And, I must say that is an absolute STEAL. A STEAL!

Daphne is now only $17.08!!!!

They'll certainly cute up your kitchen!


Kiki and Lala said...

adorable apron xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Lexi....did you receive the cookbooks I sent? Wanted to make sure they arrived at your home okay! - Katie