Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tasty Tuesday! Strawberry and Creme Cupcakes!

Here's a recipe from my sister Bethany! I have it cross-posted to Scarlet Threads blog today too, so feel free to peek there if you wish! Also, we have some darling new aprons in the apron shop...have you seen them yet?? I'm loving the ruffles on Priscilla so much. Remember, if you purchase anything from Scarlet Threads, use the code lex25 at checkout for a 25% discount! We're trying to get to all 50 states this year, so please share with your friends! Any friends in Alaska? That's my goal...send an apron to Alaska  :)

Anyway! Cupcakes! My sister loves to bake, and they always look delicious, and these cupcakes were too good not to share! Of course, I just wish I lived close enough to try one...DC and MA are just too far apart! 


Normally I like to bake from scratch, but I always keep a few boxes of brownie and cake mix in the cupboard for those "emergency moments." My husband and brother in law spent the day ripping up the carpet on the stairs in our new house and putting in new hardwood stairs- yay, they look so pretty!  I was in the mood to bake, which isn't anything new, and felt the boys deserved a treat after their hard work.

Luckily, I had all the ingredients necessary for a cupcake recipe I'd been wanting to try!

I didn't have as much time as I hoped, as I had plans for the evening and it was already 4pm, so I pulled out a box of chocolate cake mix, heavy whipping cream, and fresh strawberries.

Make the cake mix as directed on the box, and fill cute cupcake tins about three quarters full.  For maximum moistness, bake for a few minutes less than directed on the box.

While cupcakes are cooking, wash and dry strawberries.  Cut into thin slices and set aside.

Wile cupcakes are cooling, whip heavy cream with hand mixer until fluffy.

Carefully cut off tops of cupcakes.

Spread a layer of whipped cream onto each cupcake, cover with a strawberry or two, and replace cupcake top.  I also put a dollop of whipped cream on the top so it would stick to the strawberries!  Add another dollop of whipped cream to the cupcake top and cover with one more strawberry.

Chill in refrigerator until ready to serve and store extras in fridge as well.

This is a delicious, easy summery recipe that got thumbs up from all!

What's baking in your kitchen this week??

Eeeek! Just realized this was my 700th post!!! Should I do something to celebrate? A fun giveaway? What do you think??? A Scarlet Threads apron?   :)


Kiki Yogini said...

Yummy...... Xxx

Nicole-Lynn said...

Yummy! Those sound so good!

Shoshanah said...

These look delicious! And so easy. Props to your sister for thinking of them.

And yes, I'd love a Scarlet Threads giveaway! I actually bought one for a friend of mine a year or two ago, but still don't have one for myself.

Allison said...

Oh my word these look incredible! And strawberries are so good right now. YUM!

Melissa at My Fabric Relish said...

Mmmmmmm...enough said.