Monday, July 7, 2014

a few firsts!

Not only was this weekend Amelia's first 4th of July, but she also turned five months old on Thursday, tried oatmeal cereal in celebration, and dipped her toes in the pool! Big weekend! 


She wasn't too sure about the oatmeal ;)

I'm wildly obsessed with this sailor dress I found...TJ Maxx! 

Of course, her birthday cupcakes to conclude! 


KatiePerk said...

She is adorable. I love that dress. Hope she liked her pool time.

Elizabeth Joiner said...

Saw your comment from carolina charm, your baby is adorable! I can't believe she can sit up already and little miss doesn't sit up yet and she's 6 months.

midnight macaroons said...

It has been ages since I've logged onto my blog (2 years). I can't believe how time has flown by. I use to follow you and your beautiful quilts. I was thrilled to see that you're still blogging. And that you have the most adorable baby girl. I absolutely love her name. Congratulations!!!