Thursday, July 17, 2008

Albania again!

So after yesterday's post about my new sponsorship of a second little girl in Albania, I came home last night to find a letter in my mailbox from Albania. It was my Annual Progress Report for Majlinda! She has just finished kindergarten and is in satisfactory health. Her best friend is called Sabrina, and she wants to be a teacher when she grows up! Best part? It came with a new photo of her! Seriously, she's adorable. She had on a pair of jeans with flowers embroidered on them, and a little white jacket with Minnie Mouse on the pockets! Adorable, nothing less.

I'm so glad to be a part of her life and hope we have a long happy sponsorship together. Maybe someday I will go to Albania and I can meet her. Apparently they do allow that, which I find really interesting.

I called World Vision last night, to ask what the chances are that she and Inaete, my new little girl, know each other, since they are in the same project. The girl I spoke to was very nice, but said she wasn't sure. Some projects have hundreds of children in them, and encompass many villages, so they may not be near each other. She suggested that the next time I write to either of them, I put a note in the envelope addressed to staff, and ask them, and then they can write back to me and let me know.

Remember those crazy monster finger puppets? Kind like these? I was in Old Town last night for dinner with a friend and we were in Paper Source and there was a box of them on the register, so I bought four, two for Majlinda, two for 85 cents each, I figured I could splurge a little :)


Working Girl Two said...

i love your blog!

i read your "about me" and we should super similar. so i will for sure be coming back to read about your travels!

lizzie said...

awww...good for you for sponsoring those lil girls. they're lucky to have you.

my BF and i sponsor two kids from guatemala (not sure thru whom, jesse made the arrangements). they are brother and sister and we've been sponsoring them for about 2 years now. they send us pictures of their home and where they live and it just breaks my heart. i hope we're making a little bit of a difference in their lives.