Thursday, November 4, 2010

happy things

Analiese of Tulips and Tea posted a lovely list yesterday, of ways to nourish yourself. I loved the list, and wanted to post it too. She found it via Graceful Balance.
Get adequate sleep and make it a priority to be well rested
Move your body: stretch it, tone it, and allow it to play
Eat foods that support wellness (Most of these grow in the ground)
Spend time daily being quiet
Connect with uplifting friends
Have fresh flowers in your home
Supplement your diet with the appropriate vitamins and herbs
Remember to be grateful
Stay hydrated
Play with a pet
Find reasons to laugh
Practice financial responsibility
Stay in the present moment
Read spiritual books
Get creative. Paint, sculpt, sew, build or draw
Spend time in nature
Create rituals that support, soothe or heal
Learn to breathe deeply
Continue to learn
Know what you want
I'd add bubble baths, cozy quilts and Earl Grey tea to the list.
I probably don't nourish myself as well as I should, but I think that these should be reminders, would you agree?
What would you add to the list?


Analiese said...

Hi there! So glad you liked the list. It's so important to find ways to nourish ourselves on a regular basis. And I like your additions to the list!

Little Miss Can't Be Wrong said...

bubble baths and cozy quilts.. LOVE!

sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

What a great list...I really would love to do some of these...probably should find the time to do so. :)

Anonymous said...

beautiful list....

Heidi said...

funny you linked to Analiese! I met her today - she's one of my new coworkers :) We were talking about blogging and then i open my google reader, you link to her and BAM! Small world eh? :) :)

Clearly Composed said...

So lovely to see my little list making the rounds and I think your additions are fabulous too! :)