Wednesday, November 3, 2010

wild wild wednesday

Recently, Steve and I began to notice some noises coming from the attic at night. It isn't much of an attic, really just a crawl space. He noticed that a piece of paneling on the side of the house was loose, so he thought it might have been a squirrel that had gotten in. After a few "visits," he realized that it was probably larger than a squirrel.
Over the weekend, we went out and bought a large trap.
He set a bait with cheese and croutons (ha!) and set it up.
Yesterday morning, this greeted him when he looked-

Rocky the raccoon!

I thought he was kind of cute and suggested we keep him, but Steve thought it was best to drive him to the woods and release him back with his friends, which he did.

He suspected that there may be a second raccoon, so he set the trap up again yesterday afternoon and just now texted me to say that a second raccoon was caught in the trap! Crazy, eh? Once again, he will drive Rocky II to the woods for release.

Next step? Repair the loose paneling on the side of the house :)


Annie said...

Ohhhh my goodness. I would have been freaking out!!! Glad yall caught them and how funny of a story for years to come. "Remember when we had those raccoons in the attic??...."

Miss Creativity said...

Do you think Mr. and Mrs Racoon were just trying to have a 'get away' weekend and you just went and spoiled it :)
All we get is spiders in our loft.
Have a happy week.
Beverley (UK)

Little Miss Can't Be Wrong said... that raccoon is just precious!! but i know they are dangerous, too.

Toby Tea Cozy said...

Wow, a raccoon in the loft, awesome! I'd have been so freaked out by the noise though!

Sommelier0124 said...

OMG that guy is HUGE!