Monday, April 18, 2011

a very crafty weekend!

This weekend, I spent a lot of time in my sewing room! I was working on a bee block (more on that later), and then just kept on going!

I have this cute wine-y fabric, so I made a few reversable napkins! One side has wine bottles and openers, and the other is the corks! Perfect for Steve and I, as we seem to be a bit of wine-o's!

I found this cute panel of the ABC's, so I made this little mini quilt. It's only about 10" x 10," but I think that it is fun! The back is just plain white, and then you can see the colored blocks around too- those are reproductions of 1930's prints, and I really like them. Vintage and whimiscal, I think! My favorite block is the bottom right square- the girls jump roping! It's very one-room schoolhouse, in my opinion!

Then, a few babushkas, which as you know, I love and collect! I appliqued them onto the colored squares and then sewed them each together. This is also about 10 x 10, and then you can see the smaller single square. I may send this (the bigger one) to Majlinda, my World Vision child in Albania. Not sure yet!

Finally! I was so thrilled! I was looking through a box of books, and found this big pile of crafty books! On Saturday, I was looking for one book, and realized that it wasn't on my I looked around, and, JACKPOT! I will admit, that I am still not totally unpacked from my move in December...there are still boxes of books, as we are in need to shelves. Steve and I each have A LOT of books! Shocking, I know. Regardless, I was so pleased to find the missing books, and I will also adnit that there are a few in the pile that I had forgotten about! YES!!!

What about your weekend? What did you do? Anything crafty? :)


Sandy in Minnesota said...

I love the babushkas, where did you get them? Or did you make them yourself. Love them.

Jules said...

The mini quilt is so cute and I love the fabric for the napkins! Yay for finding craft books too. I'm sure you'll find some inspiration in there.

Aunt Spicy said...

Totally love the babushkas!