Saturday, May 7, 2011

sweet Saturday

Last Saturday, I made a wreath for the front door! It is slightly lop-sided, but I think it is still pretty cute!

I'd been wanting something like this for the door, but everytime I saw one that I liked, it was something like $40, which seemed a bit much. I don't consider myself to be cheap, but I knew I could make one myself for much less. Turns out, I was right ;)

I bought a 12" wire wreath from hobby lobby several weeks back for a different project, but then never used it (I had bought two, so I used the other one). I was at Joann Fabrics last weekend, and they were selling these garlands that were about four feet long! They had a few different designs, some with flowers, and this one, with little white "berries." They were on sale, two for $10, so I bought two, of course. I figured I could just wrap them around the wreath, but the wires inside the garlands were quite strong and hard to bend! I ended up getting a pair of shrub cutters and cutting them into smaller pieces, which made them easier to bend! Of course, in the process, a good nunber of the berries broke off and rolled all over the kitchen floor, where I was sitting!

I've been really liking wreaths lately. I have to post photos of another one that I made recently, this one was yarn covered with little felt flowers! I think this one will stay inside though, I wouldn't want the yarn to get wet! I have a few other wreath ideas, so I will be working on those too, I think. They are easy to make, and lots of fun!

Do you have anything hanging on your front door? Post a picture, I'd love to see it!

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Meg said...

Very cute, and love that you made it yourself! I just discovered Hobby Lobby a few months back and am dying to get back (the closest ones to me are in Fredericksburg, Va., and Columbia, Md., I think). Wreaths are very fun and add a little something to an entryway!