Tuesday, March 6, 2012

shake your shamrock!

A few weeks ago, I was on pinterest, and saw a really cute Valentine mini quilt made by Erin. I pinned it and tweeted it, and then Erin replied and we had a conversation about its cuteness. When I saw it, it was just after Valentines Day, but I thought I might think about making one for the next holiday, St. Patricks Day.
So, over the weekend, I did! I made a little four-leaf clover! I had a jelly roll (a roll of 2" strips, often in the same color family, though not always!). I used greens, of course, and sewed the strips together. Then I found a piece of cardboard and made a heart "stencil," to use to trace. I used something called Steam a Seam, to adhere the hearts to the white fabric, and then sewed over the edges too, and of course, made a little stem. As you can see, I didn't center it as well as I meant to, and it is a bit wonky, but that just gives it character, right?

I am pleased with it! I hung it on a short wall in the hallway (this photo was taken with it on the hardwood floor!), and I decided that this is the perfect spot for mini quilts. This one is just 16" x 16," and I think it took me about three hours total, give or take. I'm a slow sewer!

This was such a fun project, I really enjoyed it. Now maybe I will make one for Easter, and then something summery? A flag? We'll see!

Do you use mini quilts to decorate in your house?


KatiePerk said...

OMG! It is awesome! Way to go!

Meg said...

Love it -- so cute and festive! We just put our shamrocks out at work, and they make me happy. :)

Shoshanah said...

I think it's adorable, and if I had one would definitely use it to decorate. I'd imagine it would be quite a bit of work, but how much fun would it be to have one for each holiday and rotate them out through the year.