Monday, December 10, 2012

event- Scarlet Threads in Old Town, Alexandria, VA!

DC area friends! All friends with friends in DC  :) 
I posted this to Scarlet Threads blog last week, but wanted to share the news here too.

Good morning friends! I am SO thrilled to share this news with you, and I hope that you will be as excited as I am about this! Scarlet Threads will be taking part in a Holiday Benefit Shopping Night at the Ten Thousand Villages store in Alexandria, VA (Old Town, for those of you familiar with the area) next Sunday, December 16!

I'm sure you're familiar with Ten Thousand Villages, but in brief, from their site- 

With 60 years of experience, Ten Thousand Villages is a global network of social entrepreneurs working to empower and provide economic opportunities to artisans in developing countries. A founding member of the International Fair Trade Association (IFAT), Ten Thousand Villages sees fair trade as an alternative approach to conventional international trade.
Ten Thousand Villages is now a global network of more than 130 artisan groups in 37 countries and sells products in more than 150 retail outlets throughout the United States.

Ten Thousand Villages always has the most unique gifts, and is definitely one of my go-to places to find things for certain people. I love that when you shop there, not only are you empowering a family elsewhere, you can read their story. Each item comes with the story behind the person that made it, and these artisan stories really help you learn more about the community that you are now supporting. When buying something in the store, you can take the story with you, and the stories are also available on the website too. This is just the sort of thing that Scarlet Threads loves so much; really knowing where your money is going, so that you can see the positive changes that are taking place. 

I did most of my Christmas shopping here a few years ago, and I know I'll be doing some here this year as well!

Here are a few items I'm eyeing- 

I've been a bit obsessed with peacocks recently, and I think this would be so much fun. If my sister is reading this, it's on my Christmas list  ;) 

Sheep Wall Art - made in Haiti 

I love this! It would be cute in a kitchen, I think. 

I think this might be cute to send to Majlinda, the little girl I sponsor in Albania with World Vision! 

LOVE this. 

Maybe for salads? Or fruit? Or pinecones? I love having a big bowl like this on the kitchen table, as a catch-all sort of thing, you know? 

Cute for weekends! 

This would be perfect for those weekend trips to the farmers market! 

So! As you can see, Ten Thousand Villages has some really lovely gift ideas. Next weekend, I will be there in the store with some Scarlet Threads items for you to see in person! It will be an open house of sorts. I'll be there at 6pm. We will have some fair trade wine to try, some snacks, perhaps some fair trade chocolate as well. You can do some holiday shopping for your loved ones. I'll have lots of information about Scarlet Threads to share with you. Also, Scarlet Threads will receive a percentage of anything purchased from Ten Thousand Villages that night as well! 

I, of course, will be sporting one of our aprons....just need to decide which one!  


915 King Street
Alexandria, VA
(703) 684-1435

Sunday, December 16

We're so honored that Ten Thousand Villages is hosting us, and are thrilled for this opportunity to share our mission with their supporters as well. 

I realize that many of you are not in the Washington, DC area, but please share this with your friends and family, and ask them to do the same! We'd love a big turnout of support, and we need your help to make this happen! 

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