Monday, April 8, 2013

how to shoe it?

I recently ordered this dress from eshakti, and it should arrive any day now! I love it. Not sure why it's a bit blurry here though. 

Current dilemma? What shoes would you wear with it? White sandals seems too obvious and matchy-matchy...what color, for a good pop of fun? A fun style too? 


KatiePerk said...

Nude patent leather pump?
HOT PINK? or Yellow could be fun.
What are you wearing it to?

Katelin said...

oh i would say yellow flats? or coral! seriously this dress is so cute and definitely needs some shoes to pop!

Kelly Stallings said...

Oh for that dress I would definately go with a light springy orange! Perfect compliment!

Anna Haller said...

Lexi, this dress is SUPER cute!!! I think I would choose coral or pink....but that probably has something to do with that being my favorite color ;)