Tuesday, April 30, 2013

my week, currently, vol. 2

It's a rainy Tuesday here in DC, and I'm hearing mixed forecasts for the remainder of the week...but, I won't be here for part of it, so I don't mind as much! I love these "my week" posts I see all over the place. I did one a few weeks ago, and thought I'd do one again. Should this become a regular feature? We'll see! 

Reading: the latest from Jennifer Close, The Smart One, which follows her debut book, called Girls in White Dresses. I enjoyed that one, and am just a few chapters in with this new one, but so far, so good! Also, I learned that the author lives in the DC area and teaches courses at George Washington University, where I did my second Master's degree! Maybe I should take one of her classes? Have you read either of Jennifer Close's books? 

Eating: Crunchy Curls, found at Trader Joe's over the weekend! Made from lentils and potatos, they are gluten-free, for those of you who are. I am not, but I find myself eating a lot of G-free snacks these days, which probably isn't a bad thing, eh? If you have a TJ's nearby you, go find these, they're wonderful! 

Listening: There is a meeting going on in the conference room across from my desk. They did not close the door, and I can't decide if it would be rude if I got up to do so....

Thinking: I feel like my hair is shrinking. I haven't cut it in a few months, but it somehow seems shorter than it was not too long ago. It grows so slowly anyway, and I've been taking biotin supplements and prenatals (not for anything else!), because I've heard that they can help promote hair growth, but they don't seem to be doing much. Has anyone had any luck with this? 

Laughing: Yesterday's mail brought two letters from my World Vision babies in Albania, Majlinda and Redion, as well as a World Vision magazine. With part of my tax refund, I had sent them extra funds to purchase things the family needed. I received letters back, as well as a photo of each of them with the things they bought with the funds I sent. Majlinda, as always, drew pictures on her letter, but when I went to read the translation, it was the wrong letter! They had accidentally sent me the translation to another child's sponsor! I guess that means someone got my letter too! I called WV, and they were so apologetic, though it isn't their fault at all, and just a little mistake. These things happen! I said I'd mail back the letter so that they can send it to the right sponsor, and they will request a new copy of mine to be sent. It made me laugh though. I've been sponsoring with them for almost six years, and this is the first time anything like this has happened! 

Wondering:  Why can't I be a stay-at-home quilter? That would just be the best thing. 

Wearing: My favorite necklace from Stella and Dot, the Isadora Pearl Bib. I can't get enough of it. I love their jewelry and the company. Maybe I should become a consultant?? 

Loving: The little bookshelf mini quilt I finished a while ago. I did blog about it once already, but at last month's meeting of the DC Modern Quilt Guild, I showed it off, and someone snapped this photo. I don't know why I look so awkward, but I don't have many photos of me with the things I've made, since I am usually taking the photo! I've done this pattern before (blogged here), and just love it. I need to hang this one in my sewing room! 

Wanting: New shoes like whoa. I am in desperate need of new shoes. 

Needing: I need to start packing! I am going to Minneapolis and Chicago this week for work! I'll be in Minneapolis for two nights and Chicago for three, and will be gone Thursday through next Tuesday! I've been to Chicago, but never Minneapolis. I'll have a few hours of free time here and there. Anything I can't miss in either city?

How's your week looking so far? 


eas said...

I would shut conference room door. I used to do that kind of thing all rhe time at work. Love that necklace!

Sian said...

Those crunchy curls look yummy! Bet we don't have them in the UK though :( xx

Anna Haller said...

Are we twins??? I recently read (and loved) Girls in White Dresses. I am currenly eating the same delicious snack as you. I also wonder if i can be a stay at home quilter. I absolutely love your mini quilt! And, I too desperately need to pack my clothes for my trip this week!!!