Friday, April 16, 2010

dressy dressy dressy

I just discovered something fun. Kyla has a new project called Six Months and Six Dresses, which I find to be such a lovely idea! Funny, because I've recently been thinking about how I lack dresses in my life. I love them, but don't know why I seem to have so few! I wear them more in the summer, of course, but should expand them into my winter wardrobe as well.

Her challenge is to buy or thrift one new dress each month, throughout the summertime. I'm not much of a thrifter (though I'd like to be- one day!), so I think I am going to challenge myself to buy one new dress a month. At the same time, part of my personal challenge could be to have at least one of the dresses be thrifted, but for some reason, I find most thrift shops a bit intimidating. Anyone in DC have a shop they love and think I should visit?

Caveat- the dress cannot cost more than $50! As much as I'd love to, I cannot rush out and spend my dress budget at anthropologie, despite my current lust for this lovely (and many others!). So pretty. Also, as you know, I have a few weddings to attend, so if I found cute dresses to wear to weddings, that would work. Bonus if I can wear them to work (with a cardigan or something!)

I won't begin until next month, since this month is half over, but I will post pictures of my dresses, I think!

So dress lovers, who wants to play?


Kyla Roma said...

Thanks so much for playing along! =) And I love your caveat- I think I might have to use that too so I don't, you know, impoverish myself over this! lol

Pauline said...

I rarely wear dresses, but I'd like to shake up my look a bit so this could be fun! As a frequent thrift store shopper, don't be intimidated. There are tons of great thrift shops! You can find some real gems! :)

Elizabeths Attic said...

Love this idea and I did it last summer. I made 5 dresses over the summer mainly out of 'thrifted' or as we say charity shop finds fabric some out of duvet covers. This year I am making tops and just finished my second one out of a piece of vintage material again found in the charity shop. It gets the imagination up and running and if it does not work out as well as you thought you have not wasted much money. Have a good weekend.

Jackie said...

Secondi in North Dupont!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

I am really interested in hearing more about this!

dating diva said...

Just started following your blog! This is a cute idea- a girl can never have enough dresses! There are also some great thrift shops in Eastern Market- definitely worth checking out..

Sweet Dee

Meg said...

Oh lordy, I love dresses. This sounds like such a fun idea, and I'm sure I would have no problem buying a dress a month! I'll look into playing along, too :)