Wednesday, April 28, 2010

my first wishful Wednesday!

Here is a fun new post post topic that I decided to participate in! Kelsey over at Seattle Smiths has a game called "Wishful Wednesday" and I thought I'd play along this week!

Question du jour-

What was one of the earliest jobs you worked when you were a teenage that you'll never forget for one reason or another!!

'I wish' .... I could go back and spend one day working at a job from my youth, and it would be ______!

The best job I ever had was the summer after my senior year of high school and freshman year of college. I worked at a golf course where I drove around in a golf cart and sold beer! Yup, little old 18 and 19 year old me was selling beer to 50+ year old men!
Best. Job. Ever.
Half of the time I would be working in the bar inside the clubhouse, where I'd make drinks, pour wine, get beers and also make sandwiches. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights, there were the leagues. I'd arrive at the golf course around 3:30pm (they'd begin at 4pm) and I would load up coolers full of ice and cans of beer and bungee cord them to my golf cart. I'd spend the next 3-4 hours driving around the course selling beer, along with candy bars and chips!
It was a nine-hole course at the time (they've since added a back nine), so I would just loop around the course, cutting between the greens. I was quite visible from most every angle, so I'd often hear someone yell "beer chick!" and I'd race over. The men played in teams of four, and the cans were $2 each. They'd take turns buying rounds, and would give me $10, and I got to keep the $2 tip every time! Most nights I'd walk away with around $100 in tips. They loved me.
The funniest story was one Thursday (Thursdays were the busiest, as it was the largest of the leagues). It had rained the night before, so the grass was still slightly slick in some spots. I was coming down a stretch between two greens when someone called me, so I turned to head that way. In doing so, I fishtailed a bit and somehow managed to flip the cart on its side! I flew out, the coolers flew out, the beer and ice flew everywhere.
It was a bit of a disaster. I had a walkie-talkie that I used sometimes to call Mike, who was the guy who cleaned the carts when they were returned. Sometimes if I ran out of beer, he'd bring more. I called him on the walkie and told him that I needed his help. He drove up, took one look at me, sitting in a mud puddle, surrounded by ice and beer, and cracked up. Of course, I was wearing white shorts that day. He helped me clean up the mess and I drove back to the pro shop. The pro took one look at me, cracked up and told me to go home and take a shower.
Even with that, it was the best summer job I ever had! Since the course was in my hometown, I knew many of the people that came in to golf. If they were tourists (it wasn't a private club), we'd chat about the area and I would make suggestions of where to eat and such. One of my long-time crushes worked there too, which always made it fun. He'd come in for lunch and I'd try not to blush throughout our conversation. I'd known him for years, as we had gone to school together, and our sisters were good friends.
I loved being out in the sun those days. I actually had a tan, imagine that! Steve is always amazed that I never snuck a beer while I was driving! It would have been way too easy, but I never, ever did, not once! Too many people knew me and my parents, so I was terrified of being caught :) Even so, I really don't think I ever considered it, I was a good girl back then ;)
Maybe if I ever become a teacher and have summers off, I will get a job as the beer girl again.
Best job ever.
What was your best summer job?


Neely said...

CART GIRL! My friends did that one summer and said they made great tips!

Jules said...

That does sound like a great job and certainly beats my days working at Wendy’s ;)

I love the stories that you shared, especially the fact that you were referred to as “beer chick”. That is awesome about the tips! That is horrible about the golf cart flipping over that one time. Totally something that would happen to me.

Shoshanah said...

That's such a random and unique. And one that's sounds like a lot of fun!

Sara said...

I used to do promotions for beer&liquor companies (ridiculously easy $ to party). I got to drive a golf cart around at infield tailgates at Nascar races for Crown Royal, for a couple different races, which was really fun.

Fun that you did Wishful Wednesday!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Ok, I did this too for a golf tournament company and it was AWESOME! hah nice!

Miss Janice said...

Maybe working on a cruise ship like I did in the 80's! Or working at the Pro Shop of the Augusta National during the Masters golf tournament.