Monday, April 26, 2010

run for your life!

Steve ran a 5K this weekend! It was for work, as there was a team of people who trekked to Columbia, MD at 7:30am. Yes, I went too. What a good, supportive girlfriend I am, eh? :)

Here's Steve, before-

Here's Steve, after-

He finished in about 35 minutes, which for his first ever 5K, wasn't bad! He came in well before many other runners, and met his goal of not being the last from his team to finish :)

I was so proud!

It was kind of cool being there, surrounded by all these runners. It was so early, but they had so much energy. Runners give off a cool vibe, and now I kind of want to be a runner too! It was rather inspiring, I thought.
My main reason for not running is my bad knee. I played field hockey in high school, and that did some damage to it, but it would be so good for me to run. Maybe I should get a good brace and take a jog around the park.
This may sound stupid, but I've never bought a pair of sneakers! Of course, I've always had them, but my aunt used to work for Nike, so she'd get them for us for free. It was great- we'd get cleats and sneakers, and shorts and tshirts, and whatever else we needed. Maybe I should have been sportier?! The sneakers I have now are way old, so old that I am embarrassed to say how long I've had them, so I think it is time to find a new pair!
Any suggestions for a new pair of sneaks?


Southern Belle Mama said...

Congrats and good job to Steve!! I'm getting ready for my first ever 5K in June and I've been running for about a month now...hopefully I can do as well as he did on his first run!

I went to a store called Fleet Feet (here in NC) and they looked at the way I walked and measured my feet (weighted and non-weighted) and then helped me pick out the right pair for my foot. I'm sure there are stores in your area that do the same.

I always bought my shoes based on looks, so once I put that aside I found a really comfortable shoe...and they're still cute too!

Mandy's Life After 30 said...

Way to go Steve! I also ran my first 5k in March and wrote about the experience on my blog. I too didn't want to finish last and surprisingly finished fourth for my age group overall and never stopped to walk. As far as shoes, find a running/athletic store and get fitted for shoes. If you or he will really be into jogging/running/walking, then you need good shoes which can only be determined by people who know how to measure your feet and align you with the proper shoes. Good luck!