Tuesday, January 11, 2011

tasty tuesday!

Happy Tuesday!
For this week's Tasty Tuesday, here is what I made Sunday night...BBQ chicken pot pie!
Since Sunday was so cold, I wanted something cozy and comforting, so I naturally thought of chicken pot pie, but I made that just a few weeks ago, so I tried to think of variations. Steve likes bbq flavor, so I thought this might be fun. I found a few recipes online and finally found an easy one. I say easy, because it literally called for bbq sauce, rather than several ingredients, most of which we didn't have! I need to go grocery shopping!
This is the result-

The recipe-

1 pkg. boneless chicken breasts (I used about a pound)
1 can (10.5 oz.) Cream of Mushroom Soup
1/2 cup Barbecue Sauce
1 cup Frozen Peas & Carrots
1 cup Frozen Oven Roasted Potatoes
1 pkg (15 oz.) Pie Crusts
Preheat oven to 425°F.

Thaw chicken in microwave and chop into smaller bite size pieces.

In a large mixing bowl combine chicken, mushroom soup, barbecue sauce, peas & carrots and potatoes. Stir to combine. Set aside.

Place 1 pie crust in a 9" baking dish.

Fill dish with chicken mixture.

Top with remaining pie crust.

Crimp edges around pie, and cut vent hole in center top of pie.

Bake on a cookie sheet for 30 minutes, or until crust is golden brown.

This was my result, with explanations!

Apparently I didn't read the recipe well, because I totally didn't notice that it called for the oven roasted potatos until just now! Also, I didn't use the cream of mushroom soup, because we didn't have any, and if we did, I would have used cream of chicken instead, as neither Steve nor I like mushrooms! He commented that it wasn't very thick, so I told him that we didn't have the soup it called for. Also, we didn't have a bag of frozen peas & carrots, but had a bag of "mixed veggies," containing carrots, green beans, broccoli and cauliflower! Random, yes, but worked out okay in the end, ha! I added a few extra spices too, as I always do. Also, I cooked the chicken pieces over the stove first, before baking them in the pie plate. I always do that...should I not?!
We liked it, but didn't love it. I think from now on, I'll stick to regular chicken pot pie. There's nothing like it!
Oh, and I am featured on Scarlet Threads blog today!
What are you cooking this week?


John'aLee said...

How fun. I've never heard of BBQ Chicken Pot Pie. I must say regular Chicken Pot Pie is about my favorite meal. I've been making at least one a week this winter.
Yes, you should always cook the chicken first! You are definitely right about that.
I boiled bones last night to make a Creamy Chicken Vegetable Soup today. Also put on a pot of Black Eyed Peas and made some Artisan Bread.
Have a great day!

Little Miss Can't Be Wrong said...

you're the cutest -- i love that your poked your names into the pie cover!