Wednesday, February 9, 2011

babies, babies everywhere!

I may or may not have mentioned this, but I feel like everyone I know is expecting babies right now, and it is so exciting! Several friends and acquaintances are having babies, along with loads of celebrities, though I don't think I will be invited to their showers ;)
One of my good friends from college is having a little boy in May and I will be the godmother. Her mother and I are throwing the shower together, in NJ, where she's from (she now lives in the DC area, which is nice, of course, since I'll get to see the baby often!). I've thrown one shower before, for my best friend and godson's mother. That was at my parents house in NH, and I will admit, I think my mother did more of it than I did, since I was here and she was there. Speaking of my best friend, she is expecting a SECOND baby in August! So, so exciting! Of course, I love and adore my godson, but I am hoping for a girl this time!
I am in charge of the invitations for M's shower, which will be in early April. Her mother is doing all of the food. She is not into the silly games much at all- maybe shower bingo, she seems to like that one, but nothing else. Frankly, I am not much of a fan of the games either, so I don't mind at all! One thing that I will do, that I did for my godson, is ask each guest to bring a copy of their favorite children's book, to help start the baby's library, and everyone loved that and we talked about why we loved it, etc. I will do that for sure. Like I said, she doesn't much like games, so any other fun ideas? I don't want it just eating, opening presents, oohing and ahhing, etc. I've really only been to a few showers at this point, as the friends who have had babies, were either far away, or I couldn't go to because of a schedule conflict, or they didn't have a shower! Also, it would be considered tacky to include registry information with the invitation, right? I think so. When people call me to RSVP, they can ask and I can give them the places, but I don't think it should be mentioned with the invitations. Am I wrong?
Have you been to many baby showers? If you've had one thrown for you, what did you love the most about it? Any great and creative ideas you are willing to share with me?


Nanabanana said...

No good game ideas. No one I have had showers for likes them. BUT...I would include the mom's registry for the gifts for the shower. I always give and receive them in the mail and it makes it so much easier to buy a gift. Plus, one less phone call I have to make. Just a suggestion. LOVE the book idea!!

Annie said...

Yeah I think it is tacky to be on the invite but we've all kinda gotten over it and do it anyway. It's much easier for everyone.

Kimberley said...

Renée is having another baby???? How did I miss that? Damn snow....I never see them in the winter!!!! :-( no more babies chez Lynch!!! :-)

The Defunct Curator said...

I have not been to many but now I'm hosting one, in early May, for my sister. I have no idea what I'm doing and need to figure it all out because all her friends are seasoned baby shower attendees. She wants a Toy Story theme. Any great inspiration I can get from others is also appreciated!

syeds said...

AFter reading so many comments up.., i would like to ask how did you feel when you went first time to a baby shower party. Whts the new thing you saw of over there.

Baby Shower Invitations

Anonymous said...

so late to the game on this one...but since my mom and MIL have been planning my shower the past few weeks, thought I'd offer input.

I'm not one for the silly games either, but I read this idea recently and we are doing it for our shower. While I'm opening gifts, a timer will be set and whomever's gift I'm opening when it buzzes gets a prize! We are offering the new scents from B&BW in lotions and sprays, some cute little lamps from IKEA and Yankee Candles as prizes. Prizes were about $10 a piece.

I still think adding registry info on the shower invite is perfectly fine since...showers are for celebrating the baby by giving gifts. It would be annoying to have to ask the hostess about that IMHO.