Tuesday, February 8, 2011

on vitamins

When I was a little girl, I took a daily vitamin, as most children do, I think. It was some sort of chewable, and fruity flavors, and shaped like a little bear. I liked the purple bears the best. As I got older, in college,etc, I got out of habit of taking vitamins, but am getting back into taking them. It is important, right?
I wonder though, if I am taking too many! The vitamin isle at the pharmacy is overwhelming and sometimes I feel like I should be taking everything that they offer. I mean, they are good for you, right? Right. Right?
I take the One a Day Women's, a "complete multi-vitamin, plus more!" It supports bone health, heart health and healthy girl parts. I also started taking a Super B-Complex (with vitamin C and folic acid), which helps convert food into energy. Also, a Super Omega-3, with fish, flax and borage oil, for heart and circulation support. Also, a zinc supplement and an acai supplement, which is an antioxidant. Also, this is not a vitamin, but I've heard about oceanic silica supplements and how they can aid in hair growth, so I am trying those out as well. My hair grows painfully slowly.
I do eat pretty well, I think. Of course, I am far from perfect and definitely indulge at times, which is important to do (don't deny yourself anything!), but I eat plenty of fresh fruits and veggies, etc, and make sure my meals are balanced. I will admit though, that I usually fail to eat breakfast, but this is something I am working to improve.
Maybe I should speak to my doctor about the vitamins, as she'd know best, of course. Those seem like the best to take, in my very humble opinion, but maybe I am wrong, and don't need to take them all!
What about you? Do you take any vitamins? Am I fooling myself, thinking they are doing good things, when in reality, they aren't doing much at all?


Kimberley said...

I go through phases with vitamins. But I try to take a multi and an iron pill. My midwife told me that Iron would help with my energy level...and it really does. Thanks Lex....I'm going to start taking my vitamins again!!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

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JulesTX said...

I take a Woman's multi vitamin (Target brand) and also an iron pill daily.

Stray Stitches said...

I recently read that if you eat a balanced diet that you really don't need one of those multi vitamins. When I told my Dr that I had quit taking them, he didn't disagree. I currently take 1000mg of vitamin D and a cranberry supplement. That's it for me!

Anonymous said...

I don't take vitamins, I think I eat a pretty colorful diet and get the majority of my nutrients from such. I'm going to the doctor tomorrow, I'll ask her opinion!

Grace said...

I take pre-natal vitamins. My Dr. told me that pre-natal vitamins are the best for women. The multi-vitamins are lacking. It can be hard to remember but I leave mine on the counter and take it first thing in the morning.