Tuesday, August 9, 2011

on being taken advantage of

I'm such a bad blogger lately, eh? I still owe several posts about our trip to the UK two weeks ago, which was all sorts of wonderful, but there is something bothering me.

Last week, Steve was in Indianapolis for a conference for much of the week (we got home Sunday night and he left again Tuesday morning!). He had a hotel room for the time he was to be there, which makes sense, of course. He found out that a "friend" of his was going to be there too. This friend is the brother of a college friend, I don't think they were that close, really. Since Steve is a good guy, he offered to let the friend crash with him in his hotel room, since the friend didn't have any accomodations set up.

He accepted, and crash he did.

He stayed there through Sunday and never once offered to pay a dime towards the room bill, nor did he offer to take Steve to dinner or anything, as thanks. Also, Steve had rented a car, to get around the city, and the friend rode with him to the conference center each day.

I just feel like Steve was completely taken advantage of. He agrees, though would never say anything to the friend, which I don't blame him for- it's not as though I would say anything either. It just seems insane to me that this friend would think that he had a totally free ride for the week and I am appalled at the behavior of this "adult." I would think he should have offered top split the cost of the room, or taken Steve out for a nice dinner, or something. I hate seeing Steve get used by a so-called friend! He seems less bothered by it than me, which is typical of us, I think! He lets these things roll off much easier than I do.

What do you think? Am I taking this too seriously? Or am I justified in being totally annoyed with this "friend" of Steve's???


Anonymous said...

I probably would be telling my husband to never speak to the guy again. I also would be livid and talking to him about the situation with multiple f-bombs a'flying.

I totally think you're right to feel like he was taken advantage of! That was an EXPENSIVE week and any respectable adult would have paid for half. I will put my foot in my mouth, however, if Steve gets a check or a very, very expensive gift in the mail in the next week!

Annie said...

I'm completely with you. Sounds like he was really taken advantage of. Kevin and I are the same way though - i'd be all about him saying something and Kevin would let it roll on by. I guess that's how guys are different.

Katelin said...

i don't think you're taking it too seriously at all, i can't believe the guy didn't offer to pay anything at all. sheesh, total moocher right there.

Janssen said...

I'd be peeved too, but I also know how sometimes these situations can kind of get away from you and you think your arrangement is different from what someone else thinks it is. It is always tricky when you're dealing with other people.