Friday, August 19, 2011

too much tea?

I've created a little tea corner on my desk at now whenever I need a spot of tea, it's just right there!


Oh, and that calendar? It is from 2006, but I love the photos of the English countryside, so I still use it!


Sarah Beth - Dixie Gator Gal said...

Oh perfect! I need to make a tea corner for myself, too!

Valerie and Jeff said...

Oh I love it! And that reminds me ... the site of that LOVELY quilted piece screams that I need to get a handmade something to you yet this calendar year--(remember that post?) and it's already August! I better put it on my to do list. Email me your address sometime and I'll surprise you someday with something fun :-)
almquist at fmtcs dot com

Meg said...

How cute! It's like a mini-vacation right at work.

Anonymous said...

this is so cute! what a good idea.