Tuesday, August 30, 2011

what could you give up this week?

I'm sure, if you are a long-time reader, you are well aware of my admiration and involvement with World Vision. Steve and I sponsor three children; Majlinda and Redion in Albania and Boikokobetso in South Africa. I've been sponsoring Majlinda for FOUR years this month, which is just amazing to me. Despite never having met her, she's become a big part of my life, and she has a piece of my heart, halfway around the world.

Along with my monthly sponsorship, I do try to contribute in other ways, when I can. I can't as often as I'd like, but every little bit helps. World Vision is all over the world doing amazing things and right now, they have a campaign in Africa, to aid with the hunger crisis that exists.

Just a few facts-

  • 12.4 million are affected in the region

  • More than 35% of all children in the region are now facing emergency levels of malnutrition

  • Starvation is a real threat in famine-declared areas of Somalia

  • Some 30,000 children have already lost their lives

  • Worst drought in 60 years

  • World Vision has assisted communities in the Horn of Africa for 3 decades. Even now, our teams in Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia are responding to this crisis with food, water, blankets and other critical needs for families

The one that kills me? 30,000 children have lost their lives. This shouldn't happen. I don't need to post photos of starving children; I know you've seen them and they bring tears to your eyes, like they do mine. I wish I could save them all, but 30,000 is a lot to save. I feel better, knowing that I am saving three right now.

Right now, World Vision is working against hunger in the Horn of Africa, and you can help in just a small way. Take just a moment to text in your $10 donation to "FAMINE" to "20222" and join World Vision in fighting hunger in the Horn of Africa.

Ten dollars. That isn't much at all. That is a mocha and a scone from Starbucks. That is two magazines. That is one yard of fabric. That is a cocktail from your favorite after work spot. That is also one pizza delivered from Dominos.

This week, instead of buying any of those things, I am going to text and donate to World Vision and their fight against hunger. Granted, skipping Starbucks and Dominos isn't a huge sacrifice for me, but I am such a magazine junkie...I have stacks and stacks of cooking magazines everywhere! Also, you know how much fabric I buy!

Also, if you do text and donate, please consider blogging about this too, and link up to the original post. Tweet about it too, using the hashtag #faminenomore and blog about the ONE THING you typically spend $10 on that you could give up this week and use the money you save to help those in the crisis in the Horn of Africa?

Instead of spending money on that one thing, text in your $10 donation to "FAMINE" to "20222" and join World Vision in fighting hunger in the Horn of Africa.

Children should not go to sleep hungry. Ever.

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