Thursday, October 27, 2011

chain letters are back!

Did you ever receive chain letters in your younger years? I know I did, and I always passed them along, following whatever directions there were! As you know, I love getting mail, so any chance to increase my mail intake was good in my book ;)

It seems that chain letters are making a comeback, as I received one yesterday-

This one asks you to send a children's book to the first child on the list (just two names on the list), and then move the second name to the top, and put your child as the second name on the list, and send the letter to six friends...if it works, your child should get 36 books in a few weeks.

Fun, eh? Now, I know that I don't have any children of my own, but I do have an adorable four-year old godson who loves both books and mail (that's my boy!), so I asked his mother if I could do this for him, and she agreed, saying he'll love it. I just hope it works and he gets a few books back. I hate when people spoil it and don't play along!

So, any of you with children want to play? I'll send a copy of the letter your way, if you promise to send a book out to the first child, and then send the letter along its way!

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Capri said...

Chain letters are not just making a comeback, tey're a plague on the internet.