Friday, October 7, 2011

take note!

My friend Rebecca has the most lovely blog, and each Tuesday, she has a weekly feature called Take Note Tuesday (linked to most recent post!). When I saw this darling agenda, the Always on Tea Time Planner, I immediately loved it and thought I'd take note from Rebecca and post it here, and then, hopefully remember to purchase it when the new year arrives!

I'm sure you're aware of my love of tea and afternoon tea, and crumpets with tea (hello, blog title!), I think this agenda was made for me personally!

Finished with a plastic cover to maintain its appearance over the full twelve months, this quaint companion also arrives with a set of stickers with adorable illustrations and miniature messages in English and Korean. It’s time to get a taste of the organized life!

Stickers! Korean messages! Tea pots! Love.

{no, I do not speak Korean, for the record!}

One minor detail, from the description- - Measures 4.75 inches in length, 3.5 inches in width. Hmmmm. Not sure about that, I like my agendas a bit bigger than that, I think. My handwriting is bigger and loopier than that.....

It is quaint and pocket-sized! Cute.

At least it's smaller than the giant Erin Condron agendas that everyone and their mother is raving about.

Maybe I will buy it. Maybe I will cave in and get an Erin C. agenda.

What about you? What sort of agenda do you use? More importantly, am I the only one who doesn't get the big deal that has become the E.C. agendas?


rebecca said...

Aw, love that notebook!!! So cute!

Football and Fried Rice said...

iPad :)

Unknown said...

Ha, I've been trying to nail down a decent sized planner with ruled pages since the past week. I don't care too much for the brick-sized jazzy planners. Etsy has some cute academic ones!

Paula said...

I used to love to use a paper planner but now I use my phone. I kind of miss my old school planner and may one day go back to writing things down.

how i met your father blog said...

i say go for it!

HayleyInWonderland said...


Shoshanah said...

I'm with you on the confusion with the EC planners. I'm guessing they did some type of giveaway where the gave them to bigger bloggers and the francisation slowly filtered down? I do think there area pretty, but I'm sure if I had one I would rarely, if ever actually use it. It seems like quite a bit of money to spend on a planner, especially one I'd rarely use.