Friday, January 20, 2012

cork love!

I've been feeling crafty lately, and last weekend, I finished the wine cork wreath that I'd been working on for a few weeks! I've been collecting corks for a while now, and have made several things with them (remember the trivets I made?). Of course, the idea was from pinterest (where else?), and I saw several different variations of the wreath, and wasn't sure exactly how I wanted mine to look, so I played around with a few ideas.

I bought a wire wreath frame from Joann Fabrics (it was less than $3, and I believe it's 12" around?). I had first played around with the corks on the frame, trying to figure out how I wanted them placed, and wasn't liking it. I bought this bag of straw-stuff, and attempted to use it to fill the spaces, and figured I'd put the corks all over that, but the stuff is SO messy, and it actually looked weird, I thought!

I had this cranberry colored ribbon, which I thought might work well, so I wrapped it around the wreath. I wanted something for the corks to sit on, to give them some further structure. This worked really well! It was a wide ribbon, and I love the color, so I don't mind any peeking out between some of the corks!

I used a glue gun, for the most part, since it dries so quickly, but I ran out, and attempted using modge podge...which I am a huge fan of, but I had forgotten how long it takes to dry! I went out later and bought more glue sticks :)

I used mostly actual cork corks, not the synthetic ones- though I have a fair amount of those too, so I made a row of them going around the wreath, as more of a base for the main corks. Then I starting using the "real" corks, and placed them somewhat haphazardly, in not much of an order, in all directions! I tried to make the name of the winery visible, and in some cases, you can see the stains from the red wine, which gives it character, I think!

Yes, my glue gun is pink :)

It was somewhat time consuming, but fun, and I liked seeing the corks, as reminders of many of the wineries I've visited, from Virginia to New York to Washington!

Here is the final result, and I hung it on the pantry door in our kitchen!

Have you made anything from wine corks? Am I a little crazy to have so many corks lying around my house? :)


Annie said...

Oh that came out super cute! I tried making a wine cork board and it turned out terribly! Haha!

Jilly said...

that is super cute! nice work.

Mrs.Pickles said...

lovely project!

Katelin said...

aw love it and thanks for sharing how you did it. we have a ton of corks saved up too and i think i want to make a square wreath with them. also, love the wino xing sign you have, that's great.

Kiki and Lala said...

Totally love it..... Looks really good Lexilooooo xx

Football and Fried Rice said...

It's perfect!!! I'm glad you found a craft for all your corks!!!

Patricia said...

Wrapping the ribbon around the frame as well as the ribbon color was perfect!

Kittie Howard said...

Great job! Actually, I'd wondered how to do that. Your instructions gave me courage!