Wednesday, May 9, 2012

well fiddle dee dee!

While I was home in NH this past weekend, I saw fiddlehead ferns everywhere! I'm not kidding, in the four days I was home, I think I saw them half a dozen times!

Now I am intrigued, and want to try them. I saw a recipe where they were sautéed with I just need to find them in DC!

Have you had fiddlehead ferns? What's the best way to prepare them?

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midnight macaroons said...

I've never seen fiddlehead ferns but now I'm eager to try them. You have to let me know if you find a recipe. My husband and I just spent a lovely Saturday at the Farmer's Market. Love summertime produce. Now I'm going to have to keep my eye out for fiddlehead ferns, HA!

Hope all is well.


midnight macaroons said...

Have you tried Sometimes I come across recipes on their site.