Wednesday, June 27, 2012

anyone out there?

If you can read this post, would you please leave me a comment saying so?

Yesterday a reader let me know that there was some sort of flag for malicious content on my blog! Apparently something I'd linked to in the past was the problem. It was a crafty website, of all things!

I've gone through and removed those posts, which made me sad, but I don't want the links to cause problems!

I'm so sorry if this affected you in any way, being linked to my blog! I don't understand why these things happen though!

So, can you see this? Are you getting weird notices when trying to access my blog??

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JulesTX said...

I can see and read your blog without any issues.

eas said...

I can see it, no problem

Sarah Morgan Thompson said...

Came through in google reader and I was able to click through to your site. Have a good one!

HayleyInWonderland said...

I'm still getting the Malware warning through google chrome. I have to click "proceed anyway" to see your blog


Kate Coveny Hood said...

No problems on my end!