Monday, June 25, 2012

how clever

I went grocery shopping yesterday, and was in the banana isle and came across this!

A bag filled with ripe bananas, ready to be baked into bread! Not only that, there is a recipe right there on the bag!

What a great idea, I think. The bananas probably can't be sold otherwise when too ripe.

I almost bought a bag, but it's been way too hot to bake these last few days!

What have you found at your grocery store lately?

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HayleyInWonderland said...

Great idea! :) We only have the "Eat me, Keep me" packets - do you have those?

Funny you mentioned banana bread, I just noticed our bananas have gone a little too ripe for my liking and thought about baking some banana bread :)


Jo(ke) said...

That's pretty neat. Wish we had that? Are they cheap?