Wednesday, June 6, 2012


As I mentioned, my sister is engaged and planning her wedding for this November. She and Scott, her fiance, are working on registries. They had set one up at Macy's, and then found that several things had been discontinued, so over the weekend, they went to work on them.

Here's the situation-

They went to Bed Bath and Beyond to do a registry there, and before, she checked the Macy's list to see which items were still needed, and also which things should be deleted from
Macy's and add to BBB, based on price.

Side note- apparently Macy's has an app that emails you everytime someone buys from your registry?! How awful, I think!

Meanwhile, the Macy's app showed that someone bought the set of everyday glasses and the silverware that they registered for. Apparently the buyer in question is the best friend of my sister's best friend's sister (does that make sense?). So, Bethany's best friend is A, A's sister is B, and B's best friend is C, who bought these two things from the registry.

Bethany, of course, knows C, and they are friendly, but they are certainly not friends. C was at A's wedding, and we all saw her then, but that was the last time, and that was almost three years ago. Bethany and C certainly don't talk often, maybe the occasional facebook note, but nothing more. We can't imagine that C would think she would be invited to the wedding. Bethany has sent out save the dates, but C didn't get one, obviously, and they were sent out a month ago, and mentioned on facebook, so C would likely have seen that post, knowing they had gone out and then she didn't receive one at the time, or since!

It just seems so strange that C would buy Bethany a gift, and buy two things, at that.  Bethany said that she was planning to delete that silverware, as she later learned that it isn't great quality and out mother suggested something nicer. So, they added a different set.

Now Bethany is feeling weird that C bought them stuff, and isn't sure what to do. Should they return them? She doesn't think that she can ask A or B about it, because it is an awkward situation.
It just seems to be really strange to both of us!

Have you ever been in a similar situation? What would you do if you were Bethany? Is this the strangest thing you've ever heard????


HayleyInWonderland said...

Hmm, seems odd!
But I'm not sure I'm understanding the app - does it email the full name of the buyer? Is there any way it could have been a mistake?
Or could it have been that maybe the best friend was just collecting the gifts as a favour to the girl who IS invited that she is best friends with?!
Otherwise, how would she have known about the registry?
Sorry I'm confused lol


Aunt Spicy said...

I am too afraid to hurt anyones feelings...I would end up inviting her...

Shoshanah said...

That is kind of a weird situation, but maybe she just bought it as a nice gesture? I don't think there's anything you can do except wait and see if or when she actually gives the gifts to her.

And also adding, Sur La Table also e-mails you everytime someone buys something too. I'm guessing the thought is that if you know people are buying stuff you'll think you need to go add more stuff to the registry so they make more money. And of course they also have a thank you card registry so you know exactly who bought what too.

Patricia said...

Even though "C" saw them on your sister's registry, maybe she just bought them because she liked them - forgetting they were a registry item. Weddings are expensive, so inviting someone because you feel guilty isn't a reasonable option; weddings are a special time to be with people you care about. I personally think it is strange she was at your sister's registry knowing she wasn't invited.

Barefoot in the Park said...

i got several gifts from people (my parents not-super-close friends) when i got married and they werent invited to the wedding. i wouldnt worry about it and just take it as a nice gesture, write a nice note, and move forward :)