Tuesday, October 23, 2012

too many books?

No way!!!

I walked to the library on Saturday (it's just a few blocks from my house!) and had about 20 books waiting for me.

I had returned several books just then, so I had a tote with me, but needed a second to carry them home. Luckily, there were a few extras that people had left behind, so I borrowed one, after this happened-

My tote bag tore!


Oh well.

I'm still not getting a kindle ;)

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Colleen said...

Power to the book!

Rebecca said...

I have a nook for travel...
In no way dose it replace a book in the hand.... One you can hand out and share with others....trade in for used book credit....stack against the wall ( the book cases are full) and run you fingers over as you introduce someone else to a favorite author.

eas said...

I agree with you. No kindles here! Love that you got so many books. Now I need you to tell me what to read. :)

Naomi Sait said...

Omg, I also have a lulu lemon book full of books!!