Monday, December 29, 2008

books, books, everywhere!

I went into Barnes and Noble today and all Christmas books are 50%, an additional 10% off if you are a Barnes member, which of course, I am. Shocker...

So, I purchased the following-

Olivia Helps with Christmas (I love that pig!)
Madeline's Christmas (who doesn't adore Madeline?)
Librarian's Night Before Christmas (for my mother, next year!)
The Nutcracker (illustrations by Susan Jeffers, and they are gorgeous!)
Auntie Claus (had never seen this one before, but love it!)
A Very Marley Christmas (can't wait to see the movie...who wants to go with me?!)

Yes, they are all childrens books.

So, 60% off all hardcovers? Yes please! Now the hard part will be deciding which to keep for my collection and which to give as gifts!


anOCgirl said...

i know you love to read so you probably already know this, but borders is having a big sale too. lots of titles are just 3.99, both hardcover and paperback. i stocked up on some books yesterday and i think i'll try my luck at a different borders some time this week.

La Petite Belle said...

I went to B&N today too. The sales were amazing!

magda said...

I LOVE OLIVIA THE PIG. Caps lock was totally intentional for that. Seriously, those books make me squeal, they're just that cute. Excellent find!