Monday, December 8, 2008

picture this

A hodgepodge of pictures, from the last few weeks...

maybe my favorite new wine? vidal blanc from bluemont vineyard


yeah, we're dorks :)

but sometimes cute!

really, really pretty

our Christmas tree!

me, on the ground, sawing down the tree...yes, really!

my favorite little Charlie Brown tree! we got a different one though...

Thanksgiving dinner!

my turkey!!!!!!


magda said...

Beautiful turkey! Also, I kind of want to cut down a Christmas tree now.

These updates were so worth the wait! Fantastic pictures : )

Sara said...

Lovely pictures! You look so happy

Kate Coveny Hood said...

Love that first picture! The label reflected in the wine glass is something I could NEVER capture. But I come from a long line of "look at the camera and wave" photographers - so I've never been known for for my art shots.

Jess said...

You ARE cute. Adorable, really!

Maris said...

What pretty pictures! It looks like you had so much fun picking a Christmas tree.