Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas, Balkan style

I just packaged up two puffy envelopes for my two favorite Albanian girls to be mailed in the morning! Happy Christmas, Majlinda and Inaete! Soon, in their mailboxes, they should be receiving each a book (in English and Albanian!), a small stuffed Care Bear, two little bracelets with wooden beads and one of the Wizard of Oz Madame Alexander dolls from the McDonalds Happy Meals (not the scary flying monkey!). In addition, I had also called World Vision a few weeks ago to set up a gift donation for their families. I'm hoping they'll use it for Christmas gifts for each other, and a turkey for dinner. Okay, if they don't like turkey, I don't mind if they get something else :)

I just hope their Christmas is happy.


Anonymous said...

i'm way too skeptical for that type of stuff. i'm convinced that the families only get like $2 of every $10 donation. i mean Red Cross even has a HUGE overhead and donations only do so much.
i'm glad there are people out there who are more trusting than i am. (not sure if this is a healthy statement about my life)

magda said...

I'm just back from lunch, where I got an envelope for Marinel's present! I'm going to mail it off tomorrow (with the proper customs declaration forms this time...)

Ohhh, happy Christmas Albania!