Tuesday, September 16, 2008

how to make a meal happy...or not

I was planning to go to Subway for lunch, and get some fairly healthy. Unfortunately for me, the McDonalds is in my path and I was swayed by the thought of french fries.

In I went. I convinced myself that it was better to get a Happy Meal, since it's smaller, therefore, not as bad, right? So, that I did. Then I noticed that the current Happy Meal toys were Madame Alexander toys dressed as the characters from The Wizard of Oz. Fun!

I thought these would be really perfect, as I could send them to Majlinda and Inaete in Albania.
So, I bought my cheeseburger happy meal and waited for lunch.

My lemonade went to the tray. Then the cheeseburger, and then the fries.

She looked at me and said para nina?

I said si, por favor.

(yes, Spanish speaking McDonalds in Dupont=good practice for me!)

She rummaged through the box of toys under the counter. I was hoping, of course, for Dorothy or Glenda the Good Witch....but instead, I got a flying winged monkey.

Seriously, if you were a 6 year old Albanian girl who had probably never see The Wizard of Oz, wouldn't this scare the bejeebuses out of you?!


JulyBug said...

I am a 24 year old New Yorker who has seen the Wizard of Oz and it scares the bejeesus out of me.

Anonymous said...

I got a Glinda! I was so excited. I hope I get them all. except of course for the stupid "flower munchkin" b/c seriously that's crap.

Oh and I justify my Happy Meal as being portioned controlled. :)

Dolce said...

I don't know what you mean by Albanian 6 year old, that thing scares the crap out of me.

wafelenbak said...

Eek! I hated, HATED the flying monkeys as a child.
Talk about a Scary Meal!

Sarah said...

I actually recoiled when that image popped up on Google Reader. Creeeepy.

Jamie said...

Um...yes because that scares ME!

Maxie said...

Awww I love the Madame Alexander Wizard of Oz series! I'm going to have to go to McDonalds... I'm pumped now :-)

Sara said...

Julybug- my thoughts exactly! I am almost positive tonight I will have the same nightmare I had reoccurring as a child. I am walking through a forest with my brother and the monkeys come flying in and throw fireballs at us and there is no where to hide because the tree's are all too tall. Don't do that to an innocent child, Albanian or not. Urgh, I hated those flying monkey's.

Maris said...

i love the cups and saucers in your photo!

Becky K said...

Your post made me smile! I've totally stayed away from the flying monkey too...what is cute about it? But Dorothy and the Witch are just too cute.

I saw you live in DC - totally jealous! I went to VA Tech for a year so I visited DC a few times. It is one of my favorite cities. If I could, I'd take up residence in the National Gallery of Art.

Thanks for stopping by my blog - I love meeting new people! The blogging world is so cool.